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Femme Fatale Girl (No real name) is the main antagonist later protagonist of the series.


No one knows where she lived and her parents. She is just a cold blooded assassin who kills people violently. Though she became a hero trying to change her evil deeds. When she is young she suffered starvation so she commit crimes in order to live. She stole many people's money and killed them if needed, she killed many politicians and killed many people over and over. She realized that humans are evil and worthless, so she started to destroy humanity. But she had been caught by a scientist in order to experiment her body, because of her supernatural ability to fly, resist pain, and vast amount of strength and immortality. Though she escaped and killed the soldiers and scientist of the facility, she was confront by the heroes. Though she doesn't want to fight them, but she said she want to join them. Because she didn't want destruction, and harm. She then became a hero, and helping those who in need. She help the whole world and said she was sorry for what she had done.


She wears a red school uniform and black stockings with black high heels. She have a red hair and eyes.


She is very ruthless, pitiless, cruel, sadistic when she was a supervillain. But when she became a hero she changed her personality becoming a kind hearted helping those who in need.

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