Cobbling your maimed remains together from junkyard scraps in not an easy feat. Fen even managed to implement a few aggressive improvements to boot.
~ Fen's SteamWorld Hiest bio.

Fen is one of the recurring characters in the SteamWorld series.


SteamWorld Dig 2

Fen was first seen in a "Shrine" where he was blowing up Doomsday Cultists and later saw Dorothy thinking that she was also one of these cultists and the two fought until his shrine was destroyed. The two worked together afterwords to find her lost friend, Fen will often help Dorothy with advise and work with Vectron technology until they found out that the Shiner Rosie was using Rusty as a battery for her mech. After Dorothy defeated Rosie, Fen took control of a portal so tat Dorothy and Rusty could escape the world exploding around them.

SteamWorld Heist

A DLC known as the Outsider allowed Fen to be a playable character.

Captain Piper Faraday found Fen in a scrap metal body within a warehouse and Fen mistook her for Dot at first. Piper later and her crew went to look for a core so that Fen could walk again, only to find out that they did no need it and Fen joined her crew.

Fen would aid the crew wenever they could and will also add commentary sometines on new levels and upcomming bosses.

Skills and Abilities

Sprite Form: As a Vectron Sprite, Fen was able to head into Vectron technology and use what powers that technology has, as examples being the Shrine and Vectron teleporters.

Cowbot: Fen, with a body of scrap metal, was able to do most things that any bipedal being can: walk, run, punch an use various weapons. However Fen could also gain a boost of energy when defeating a foe, which allowed them to heal or fire an electric laser beam.


  • Fen is so far the only protagonist in the SteamWorld series to not be a Steambot.
  • In both of their appearances, Fen seems to be affraid of the Vectron/Voltbot hivemind. Possably a fear of lossing free will.


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