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Heroine Overview

Fena Houtman is the titular main protagonist from the 2021 original Japanese anime television series, Fena: Pirate Princess. She is the former princess will escaped from the prostitute island of Shangri-La, British Empire, and the recruits a band of samurai and ninjas known as the Seven Samurai to help her on her voyage. She is cheery, despite her to the orphan from the traumatic past, and also as known that the skin and blonde hair.

She was voiced by Asami Setō in the Japanese version, and by Brittany Cox in the English version.


Fena is a young girl with silver hair (whose Fena can unnaturally cutting her hair at her story by Yukimaru's sword), blue eyes, pale skin, and pale arms. When she was a little, her hair is short silver hair, she also has a white wedding dress and blue and silver necklace with heart-shaped locket.

As a former princess, she had a long silver hair shoulder-length with tied up a bun, tourmaline eyes with yellow eyebrows, fair skin with complexion and pink lipstick. She wears her beautiful necklace with blue and silver had a heart-shaped locket while she was a little who dunned ever since came, white gown with the beautiful black lines and beautiful pink roses with a veil adorned, white gloves with sleeves over her arm-length and white shoes. Later after she escaping from the Shangri-La, she cuts her hair off into her short and her lipstick are gone.

As a current pirate, she now has a outfit akin to the pirate, her pirate hat is brown with green bandana tied up under the head, brown corset has both sleeves white bishop in two arms, turquoise skirt fitted with brown belt, and brown boots. Fena's weapon are the pirate sword.


Fena is a cheerful, loyal, kind and caring girl despite during from the past. Later, she will showing her leadership and courage while she talks to Yukimaru and the samurai/ninja group will ask her to join in the quest.

It's showed at the voice actor interview in her official Japanese website will she can have the tongue-cheek shy yet personality, alongside with guts, compassion, and seriousness from the comrades and friends (as shown she had expression fictional should can changing around the world without the anime series).

Abilities and Power

Fena is the only first princess maybe her initially, it can be presumed will she can be skills at combat usually at her show, expect been archery and her pirate sword as a weapon.


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