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Feng Min is one of the playable survivors in Dead by Daylight being introduced in Spark of Madness. A focused competitor Feng uses her skills to work on generators quietly and even detect any of the Entity's servants and make a quick and quiet escape.


Feng became hooked on video games at a young age her parents at first didn't have a problem with it until she started spending more time on games than her studies. Feng's parents pulled the plug which resulted in Feng leaving home and going from Internet Cafes and LAN parties spending hours competing to the top until she was invited to join a prestigious E-sports team and pushed herself to win losing sleep to better her skills. However due to her lack of sleep and extreme exhaustion she began slipping up and losing and was kept up at night with the thoughts of disappointing her family and fans. She began wandering the streets, ending up in bars and other locations and waking up in places she didn't remember. Until one day she woke up in an entirely new place of endless nightmare: The Entity's Realm. Feng didn't despair she instead realized this was the challenge she had prepared for and she was ready to win and help fellow survivors do the same.


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