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Fenix is a praetor within the military of the Khalai. Bill Roper voices Fenix in both StarCraft and its expansion set, Brood War.



Fenix is a templar and an old friend of Tassadar's, he is a powerful and cunning leader, but remains distrustful towards the motives of the ruling judicator caste. Under the command of Aldaris, Fenix helps defend Aiur from the Zerg invasion, but eventually falls in battle when his position is overwhelmed by Zerg. Due to a malfunctioning of his psi-blades, Fenix falls to a small army of hydralisk at the battle against the Zerg in Antioch. Nevertheless, Fenix is retrieved and integrated into a dragoon, a mechanical fire support unit designed to allow incapacitated warriors to continue military service. Fenix allies his templar forces with Tassadar's upon the schism between Tassadar and the Protoss government, later leading a task force against the Overmind's outer defenses, facilitating Zeratul's assassination of a number of cerebrates and ultimately the death of the Overmind itself. Over this time, Fenix develops a strong friendship with Tassadar's Terran companion Jim Raynor.

Expansion (Brood War)

Fenix and Raynor remain behind as a rear guard when the Protoss evacuate the now Zerg-overrun Aiur through a warp gate. They hold it until attacked by United Earth Directorate forces pursuing Arcturus Mengsk, upon which they escape through the gate, disabling it as they depart. With Raynor and Mengsk, Fenix enters into an alliance with Sarah Kerrigan against the U.E.D., even leading the Zerg forces on a raiding mission for resources on Moria. However, after the U.E.D. is routed from their position on the Dominion capital world of Korhal, Kerrigan turns on her allies. Though unfazed by Kerrigan's betrayal, Fenix is slain when Kerrigan's Zerg launch a surprise attack against his base camp on Korhal.

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Raynor shows that he still harbors a grudge against Kerrigan for Fenix's death after seeing her willingly become infested again.

Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void

It was revealed that the purifier robot been found by Artanis and was imprinted the memories of Fenix when he rejoiced even he rally the robotic Purifiers from the Space Station of Cybros as a representative of the Purifiers. Even Fenix changed his name called Talandar.

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