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Fenix are a military organization established to combat the demons summoned by the Deadmans.



Fenix was founded at some point after Giff's casket and the Giff Stamp were excavated in South America. They designed the Vistamps by reverse engineering them from the Giff Stamp, but they were stolen soon after by the Deadmans, a cult that had formed around Giff's casket.

Combating the Deadmans

The Deadmans soon began distributing the Vistamps to people in hopes of finding worthy candidates to revive Giff. In response, Fenix's head scientist George Karizaki designed the Revice Driver to combat the Deadmen demons the Deadmans were summoning. The intended candidate for the Revice Driver was Daiji Igarashi, but it ended up falling into the hands of his older brother Ikki Igarashi after the ceremony was attacked by the Deadmans. Daiji would later receive a Driver of his own in the TwoSiDriver, which he used to transform into Kamen Rider Live after overcoming his inner demon Kagero. Their younger sister Sakura would join them as well as Kamen Rider Jeanne, after receiving the Libera Driver from a source outside of Fenix.




  • Daiji Igarashi - Squad Leader
  • Tatsuhiko Tabuchi - Squad Leader
  • Chigusa Yamagiri - Spy (defected)

Science Division

  • George Karizaki

Medical Divison

  • Akemi Mikoshiba