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Fidgephant (Japanese: モレゾウ Morezō) is a Water-attribute Yo-kai of the Tough tribe. Introduced as Rank C, he was demoted to Rank D with Yo-kai Watch 2.


Fidgephant is a blue-green yo-kai that resembles an elephant. He has big, round, yellow eyes with cross-shaped pupils. He wears an orange robe. He is an average sized yo-kai (about half the height of Nathan).


Fidgephant first appears in EP008, in which he causes all the boys at Springdale Elementary to have an urgent need to go to the bathroom, Nate included. He tries to fight it by summoning Roughraff, but the latter quickly falls under Fidgephant's influence as well. Nate then tries again with Manjimutt, but he also gets inspirited and attempts to relieve himself under a pole which gets him arrested once again. After even Illoo ultimately fails to fix the situation, Nate finally summons Wazzat, who inspirits Fidgephant and causes him to expel his liquid from his trunk, and along with it his Yo-kai Medal, which Nate reluctantly picks up. With that, the incident is solved.

Later, Fidgephant is first summoned to drive a Hidabat-inspirited Jibanyan out of Nate's room.

In EP061, several Fidgephants are seen in a flashback training with Gatarou Gaman, and among them the one who would eventually become the Enduriphant Nate befriends.

In EP084, a big group of Fidgephants inspirit a large number of people. Nate summons Enduriphant to counter their influence, but several of them gang on the mammoth Yo-kai and, despite his valiant efforts to endure, he turns back into Fidgephant.


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