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~ Link/Fierce Deity Link to Majora while going inside of the Moon.
~ Link/Fierce Deity Link while fighting Majora

Fierce Deity Link also known as Ogre Deity Link in manga or Fierce God Link in japanese version is the true main protagonist from the manga book The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is one of the alter-egos of the main protagonist Link and the manga version of the true main protagonist. Unlike his video game counterpart, he has the ability to speak.

Fierce Deity's mask first appears when Link receives this mask from Majora who has released Skull Kid from its control in order to challenge Link.

Link receives the Fierce Deity mask and puts on his face, causing him to transform himself into Fierce Deity Link who ressembles Adult Link from Ocarina of Time. As Majora goes inside of the Moon, Link follows him by shouting at him.

Inside of the Moon, Link doesn't have pupils while in his Fierce Deity form. But he can see with the help of Tatl. Link sees the Lunar Children wearing the Bosses Masks cheering at him. Link then see the fifth child lunar who wears Majora's Mask challenges Link in Good Guys against Bad Guys.

Link sees the Boss Remains coming to life to try to attack Link. But Link destroys the Boss Romains with his Fierce Deity Sword before attacking Majora who is changing to Majora's Incarnation to try to attack Link. But Link fights back before Majora changes into his Wrath form to try to strike him. But Link uses the power of the Fierce Deity Sword to impale Majora, causing him to disintegrate into dust before reverting back into his lifeless mask form, causing the Moon to get destroyed, causing the rainbow to appear in the sky.

As Fierce Deity Link, Link manages to return Majora's Mask back to Happy Mask Salesman, and his non-transformation masks are returned back to him.

Link then reverts back to normal and sees an fully-freed Skull Kid who smells him by recongnizing him as the Fairy Kid that he taught Saria's Song in Lost Woods. As Skull Kid, The Happy Mask Salesman, Link and Epona go to seperate ways, Skull Kid draws Link, himself, Tatl, Tael and the Giants as Link goes to find Navi.



  • He is one of the main characters who has the ability to speak in the manga unlike his video game counterpart.


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