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Fiona "Fifi" La Fume is a Tiny Toon Adventures character. She is a cute and lovely purple and white skunk based off Pepé Le Pew, whom she also has a crush on. She is best friends with Shirley McLoon and Babs Bunny. She only smells bad when she is in love or when she has to.

She was voiced by Kath Soucie.


She is a cute, attractive, and nice skunk who resides in a Cadillac and speaks in a French accent. Like Pepé, she often pursues her lover and will stop at nothing to attract him, even though she usually fails. Her stench usually grows stronger every time she falls in love. She is rather sympathetic as she longs for a lover which makes others feel sorry for her such as Furrball and Calamity Coyote. She is shown to be in love with Hamton J. Pig as he often ignores her stench for her attention.


Do not fear my dear, Fifi La Fume is here!
Coffee? Tea? Or moi?
Hold me!
Will you be my... boyfriend?


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