Fifi La Fume is a Tiny Toon Adventures character. She is a cute and lovely purple and white skunk based off Pepe Le Pew. She is best friends with Shirley McLoon and Babs Bunny. She only smells bad when she is in love or when she has to. Kath Soucie did her voice.


Fifi is in love with any black animal with a white stripe on his back (whether he is really a skunk or not, as she always thinks he is one), but they never return her love and often run away due to her smell. However, at times, when she is lonely, they tend to feel sorry for her (e.g. Furrball and Calamity Coyote), get an enemy into their situation (e.g. two bully cats and Little Beeper) and then she catches them. Fifi hardly ever wears anything except for a pink bow in one ear, causing her hair to cover up one eye. However, in her first major appearance, the "Born to Be Riled" segment of "The Buster Bunny Bunch", she wore a green medium-sleeved, knee-length dress and two bows (one on each ear). Kath Soucie did her voice.

She is Hamton J. Pig's love interest in serval episodes, with her sometimes returning the sentiment and he is notable for being the only boy not put off by her stink. However, in one episode New Class Day she rejects Hamton for being love interest on her.

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