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The Fighting Stick Figures are the four tritagonists and secondary mascots of the Animator vs. Animation series by Alan Becker.

They serve as the deuteragonists of Animator vs. Animation IV, Animation vs. Minecraft, Animation vs. YouTube, the AVM Shorts and Animation vs. Super Mario Bros, the tritagonists of Animation vs. Pokemon and major characters in the AVA Shorts.

They are a group of stick figures who are The Second Coming's best friends. When the Animator/Alan Becker deleted them, the Second Coming attacked him in rage and grief until the Animator had an epiphany and redeemed himself, bringing them back to life and making peace with all stick figures. Since then, the four have joined the Second Coming on many adventures and playing with Minecraft. Every time they die, they just respawn on the website they came from, making them immortal.


All four stick figures like sparring and are friendly towards the Second Coming, but since discovering Minecraft their characters have been fleshed out and they have gained different interests.

Green is the Second Coming's closest friend of the four. He is known to be a great builder and architect, but tends to be showoffish and arrogant to the point where the others prank him.

Blue is interested with farming and alchemy. He is also the first one to find interest in note blocks. He is described by the real-life Alan Becker as cautious, free spirited, and hestitant to get into fights.

Red is fond of animals, spawning passive mobs using spawn eggs. He has a natural connection with animals and sometimes uses them to join his antics. He is described as goofy and carried away sometimes, and can be impatient as seen when he kicks YouTube out of annoyance towards it buffering. Red is also quite remorseful, as he expected to be punished for committing crimes when he was possessed (and fully conscious) by Herobrine, though his friends forgive him since he didn't mean to.

Yellow is an expert in redstone engineering and enjoys inventing machines. In the episode Redstone Academy, he teaches the others about redstone components and judges their builds. He is also able to easily hack into the Dark Lord's console to send a message to the Animator.


Animator vs Animation IV

The Fighting Stick Figures debuted in Animator vs. Animation IV, in a website named stickfight.com. When the Animator saw them messing with his computer, he used Task Manager to erase them. The Second Coming tells his friends to run but they are deleted, and he and Green hug before the latter is deleted too. He could not delete the Second Coming as he was "too resistant". After the Second Coming lashed out, the Animator eventually subdued him and complimented his animation skills, asking for them to be partners. The Second Coming initially refused at first as he had deleted his friends. The Animator then realises his mistakes and brings back the Fighting Stick Figures by refreshing the website they originated in. 5 months later, the Animator and Second Coming have resolved their differences and made peace, becoming partners while the Second Coming spars with the Fighting Stick Figures and wins.

Animation vs Minecraft

In this episode, the Second Coming and his friends discover Minecraft. Once they realize they can build with their inventories, they build a large house. Later in the episode, Red gets possessed by Herobrine and disappears. The rest of the stick figures dig into the Nether to search for Red, and they eventually battle him. The possessed Red creates a giant stick figure made out of cobblestone (which he upgrades into obsidian) and is defeated when they trip the mech using minecarts. After Herobrine is expunged from Red's body, he cowers in fear expecting a beatdown for what he did, but his friends all hug him.

Animator vs. Animation Shorts

The Virus

When the Animator and the Second Coming encounter a ViraBot specimen whom invades the computer, the Second Coming goes to stickfight.com to alert his friends as the Animator slams the window into the ViraBot. Suddenly, it finds them and destroys the walls of the building, then the Animator's cursor and the start menu, preventing him from being able to fight back. This causes the five stickmen to beat up the ViraBot in anger, but it overpowers them and uses its webs to bind the Fighting Stick Figures to the wall and traps Second Coming's leg to the floor. The ViraBot sadistically brandishes its knives as it slowly walks to the Second Coming, until the Chosen One arrives to intervene.

The Chosen One's Return

The Chosen One duels with the ViraBot, but the latter uses its abilities to slam him with pop-ups and assembles a giant ViraBot body made out of the broken pieces of the windows to beat him up. The Second Coming and his friends try to help the Chosen One, but fortunately he uses his powers to disassemble the body and attacks the ViraBot with all of his powers before finishing it off with a strong punch. Once the ViraBot has been defeated, the Second Coming and his friends bow down and worship the Chosen One, but the latter invites them to join him to find the Dark Lord. He asks Alan for permission and he says yes, then the stick figures enter the portal.

The Showdown

The Chosen One exits the portal and flies to the Dark Lord's hideout, while the other five fall into the lake. As Chosen One and Dark Lord begin their battle, the Second Coming and Fighting Stick Figures climb up and find the gates on the cliff. They then enter the hideout and notice the Dark Lord's console. Red notices the Dark Lord's dark ring and tries to figure it out, but accidentally drops it and opens the gates intended for the army of ViraBots to invade the internet. After the Chosen One and Dark Lord wrestle through the internet, the Dark Lord notices the five in his hideout and flies in, while they hide in the ViraBot pit. The Dark Lord puts on his ring and overwhelms the Chosen One with his new powers, such as conjuring dark blades from his hands and firing ViraBot spikes. The five panic when witnessing the scene, while Yellow hacks into the console to contact the Animator who ignores them at first, but accepts and uses the Animator Combat Tool to attack the Dark Lord with his cursor while assisting the Chosen One during the fight. The Dark Lord activates his army of ViraBots and unleashes them to fight his opponents, eventually succeeding in defeating the Animator by overwhelming his cursor with ViraBots and disconnecting him from the interface, while surrounding the Chosen One with ViraBots. The Fighting Stick Figures worry until the Second Coming rushes in to stop the Dark Lord from killing the Chosen One, and they join him. Red rushes to the Dark Lord but the latter uses a dark blade to kill him. As Red's body disintegrates, the Dark Lord callously kicks it, causing the others to attack him in grief before he kills Green, Blue and Yellow as well. The Dark Lord tries to kill the Second Coming, but he does not die as easily and tries to fight back, so the Dark Lord slashes him over and over until he leaves him in a crater on the cliff. The Dark Lord prepares the ViraBot invasion, but the Second Coming heals all of his wounds and unleashes a new power, allowing him to destroy the ViraBots and fight on par with the Dark Lord. He unleashes a flurry of punches before firing green eye beams at him, resulting in a massive explosion that seemingly kills him for good. Afterwards, he wearily flies to the hideout and heads towards the console, where it lights up and resurrects the Fighting Stick Figures. He then collapses, and the Animator brings him to his friends before he wakes up. The Second Coming is overwhelmed with joy after seeing his friends back, and wipes tears from his "eyes" as the four hug him. The Chosen One bows down to them for stopping the Dark Lord, before they bid their goodbyes and ride the Animator's cursor to their home computer.


  • They are the first stickmen introduced in the series to be fully benelovent, since they were killed before they could turn evil, and since their revival the Animator has treated them well, in comparison to the other stick figures who rebelled against him for mistreating them.
    • They are also the first stickmen who weren't shown to be created onscreen, making their origins unknown. However, since they reside in the Animator's computer, it's possible that they were created by him.
  • The Second Coming and Fighting Stick Figures appeared in the Zaix + AngelXMikey Memorial video on Hyun's Dojo Community to grieve the aforementioned users, as Alan Becker's contribution to the video.


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