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Hero Overview

~ Yellow, the only one out of the four to ever speak.

The Fighting Stick Figures are the four tritagonists and secondary mascots of the Animator vs. Animation series and the deuteragonists of its spin-off series Animation vs. Minecraft, both by Alan Becker.

They are a group of stick figures who are the Second Coming's best friends. When the Animator/Alan Becker deleted them, the Second Coming attacked him in rage and grief until the Animator had an epiphany and redeemed himself, bringing them back to life and making peace with all stick figures. Since then, the four have joined the Second Coming, aka "Orange", on many adventures and playing with Minecraft. Every time they die, they just respawn on the website they came from, making them semi-immortal. Green served as the former archenemy of Purple.


They served as the deuteragonists of Animator vs. Animation IV and every single entry after it except for Animation vs. YouTube, where they were supporting characters (except Green, as mentioned below), Animation vs. Pokemon, where they were minor characters, Animator vs. Animation V, where they are the tetartagonists, and Blue's New Superpower, Animation vs. Trash and Animation vs. Arcade Games, where they are the tritagonists (except Yellow for the latter and Blue for the former, as mentioned below).

Alongside this, Red served as the possessed central antagonist of Animation vs. Minecraft; Green served as the sole deuteragonist of Animation vs. YouTube; a dream version of Blue served as the deuteragonist of Blue's New Superpower and Animation vs. Trash; and Yellow served as the main protagonist of Animation vs. Arcade Games.


All four stick figures like sparring and are friendly towards the Second Coming, but since discovering Minecraft their characters have been fleshed out and they have gained different interests.

Green is the Second Coming's closest friend of the four. He is known to be a great builder and architect, but is a show-off and arrogant to the point where the others prank him. He's also extremely skilled in music, more so than the others combined, and seemingly has a rivalry with Purple due to the many times he betrayed and almost killed him, although this ended after he found out Purple's motives. He also has a sweet tooth, as shown numerous times.

Blue is interested with farming and alchemy. He is also the first one to find interest in note blocks. He is described by the real-life Alan Becker as a "hippie" who likes living free and is hesitant to get into fights. He has a comical addiction to nether warts, which ultimately starts the entire plot of Season 3 of the AvM Shorts.

Red is fond of animals, spawning passive mobs using spawn eggs. He has a natural connection with animals and sometimes uses them to join his antics. He is described as the younger brother of the group, who is a bit goofy and carried away sometimes, with him having a "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality where he does things before thinking about them. He can also be impatient as seen when he kicks YouTube out of annoyance towards it buffering. Red is also quite remorseful, as he expected to be punished for committing crimes when he was possessed (and fully conscious) by Herobrine, though his friends forgive him since he didn't mean to.

Yellow is an expert in redstone engineering and enjoys inventing machines. In the episode "Redstone Academy", he teaches the others about redstone components and judges their builds. He is also able to easily hack into the Dark Lord's console to send a message to the Animator. He's also shown to have a bit of a power-hungry side when he takes huge interest in King Orange's command block, culminating in him stealing it, putting it on his staff and using it to fight Orange.


  • They are the first stick figures introduced in the series to be fully benevolent, since they were killed before they could turn evil, and since their revival the Animator has treated them well, in comparison to the other stick figures who rebelled against him for mistreating them.
    • They are also the first stick figures who weren't shown to be created on-screen, making it unknown who created them; the only bits of their backstory we know is that they reside on a website where they fight for entertainment. They were later followed by Purple and King Orange, who have even more enigmatic backstories.
  • The Second Coming and Fighting Stick Figures appeared in the Zaix + AngelXMikey Memorial video on Hyun's Dojo Community to grieve the aforementioned users, as Alan Becker's contribution to the video.
  • Yellow and the Second Coming were the only stick figures in the series to speak.
  • Between them four, Green and Yellow were the main protagonists for 10 episodes, making them share second place, behind only the Second Coming, in terms of the amount of times they took the main spotlight. Blue takes third place with 9 episodes, while Red takes the fourth place with 4 episodes, beating the Animator out by just one episode.
    • Green was the main protagonist of: "Note Blocks", "PvP" (alongside the Second Coming), "The Nether", "Villagers", "The End" (all alongside Blue), "SkyBlock", "The Dolphin Kingdom" (both alongside the other FSF), "Note Block Battle", "Build Battle" and "Note Block Universe".
    • Yellow was the main protagonist of: "Roller Coaster", "Command Blocks", "SkyBlock", "The Dolphin Kingdom" (both alongside the other FSF), "Redstone Academy", "Texture Pack", "Lucky Blocks", "Titan Ravager" (alongside Blue), Animation vs. Arcade Games and "The Raid".
      • This also makes him the only Fighting Stick Figure that was the main protagonist for an episode that wasn't part of the AvM Shorts.
    • Red was the main protagonist of: "SkyBlock", "The Dolphin Kingdom" (both alongside the other FSF), "Lush Caves" (alongside the Second Coming) and "Monster School".
    • Blue was the main protagonist of: "Potions", "The Nether", "Villagers", "The End" (the latter three alongside Green), "SkyBlock", "The Dolphin Kingdom" (both alongside the other FSF), "The Piglin War", "The Witch" (alongside the Second Coming) and "Titan Ravager" (alongside Yellow).
  • Both Blue and the Second Coming have appeared in 36 episodes ever since their debut in Animator vs. Animation IV, making them the most recurring characters in the franchise. Red takes second place with 35 episodes, while Green and Yellow share third place with 34.
    • Green was absent for: "Titan Ravager", "Lush Caves", "The Warden", "Monster School" and "The Raid".
    • Yellow was absent for: "The Nether", "Villagers", "Lush Caves", "The Warden" and "Monster School".
    • Red was absent for: "The Nether", "Villagers", "Titan Ravager" and "The Warden".
    • Blue was absent for: "Lush Caves", "The Warden" and "Monster School".
  • Ever since their debut, "The Warden" is the first and only episode that didn't feature even a single one of them.
  • Since they come from the same website, they could technically be considered brothers. This is something even series creator Alan Becker mentioned, with Red acting as the younger brother of the group.
  • It's been confirmed by Alan the Fighting Stick Figures weren't originally supposed to have defined personalities, and that they basically wrote themselves, with their past elements (such as Yellow crafting a beacon or Blue growing trees) being used to define them (Yellow becoming the smart guy while Blue turned into a nature lover).


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