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Fili is one of the secondary protagonists in The Hobbit by Tolkien and its many film adaptations that followed the book. He was one of the 12 Dwarves accompanying his uncle and King, Thorin Oakenshield to reclaim their homeland from the dragon Smaug alongside his younger brother Kili, later joined by their hired Hobbit 'burglar' Bilbo Baggins.

in Peter Jackson's trilogy, Fili is portrayed by Dean O'Gorman

The Hobbit (1937)

The Hobbit (1977 film)

Fili appeared in the Rankin and Bass adaptation of The Hobbit. However, he hardly ever speaks except with the rest of the dwarves. 

The Hobbit trilogy

in Peter Jackson's trilogy, Fili is portrayed by Dean O'Gorman. 

He was originally going to be portrayed by Rob Kazinsky, who pulled out of the film for personal reasons. 

Fili carries many weapons, including throwing axes, war hammers knives, and swords

Physical Appearance

Fili had a yellow beard and hair in the book. He and his brothers looked exactly alike, but Fili had a longer nose. In the movies, however, Fili has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.


Fíli is a stubborn dwarf, but reasonably fair. He is childish, immature, and reckless, energetic, and eager. He is caring, protective and strict over his younger brother, and his other friends. Unlike Kíli, Fíli knows when to stop messing up. Fíli is a bit careless, but time and time again, he does come to care at the end. Even though he even teases Bilbo, Fíli does care about him, as shown when he is relieved Bilbo came back alive and later tried to stop Thorin from killing their companion. Fíli is also loyal and loving to his uncle. He is also very brave. Mostly does what he's told and more levelheaded.



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