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Filo has wind affinity! I blow away all the enemies! My job is to draw the carriage. To where my master says! If I find the spear guy, I'll send him flying with a full-power kick!
~ Fio's singing
I hate you, spear guy!
~ Filo to Motoyasu after he called her fat whilst she was in her filolial form.

Filo (フィーロ Fīro) is the main tritagonist from The Rising of the Shield Hero. She is a Filorial hatched from an egg that Naofumi bought from the Slave Merchant.

She is voiced by Rina Hidaka in the Japanese version and by Brianna Knickerbocker in the English version of the anime.


Due to being hatched by a Legendary Hero, Filo is a Filorial Queen and so more robust, smarter, and faster than most Filorials. She can shapeshift between her Filorial form and a human form, a pre-adolescent girl with wings.


Filo's appearance has changed many times, depending on her form. Her human form has blonde hair, fitting her cheerful and childlike nature and angelic appearance.


Filo is like a child. She is energetic, bubbly, and somewhat bratty. She also enjoys eating, singing, and like other Filolial, pulling carts.

She is cruel toward other men who are disrespectful toward Naofumi, such as Motoyasu (the spear hero), when she simply kicked him at his balls.

Powers & Abilities

Transformation: She can transform between her Filolial form and a human form.

Wind Magic: Filo's main form of magic.

  • Zweit Tornado: Creates a tornado by flapping her wings
  • Typhoon: A combo spell used with water magic. Powerful enough to blow away the Spear Hero's Party.

Support Magic: Increases her physical abilities

  • High Quick: Increases her speed
  • Spiral Strike: When equipped with claws, She enchants them with magic to make them even more powerful. It can pierce through magic barriers with ease.




  • Filo has a similarity with her Arifureta counterpart, Yue.
    • They are humanoid creatures (Filo is a Filolial Queen, Yue is an immortal vampire)
    • They have the appearance of a child (although Yue is 300 years old due to her ageless immortality)
    • They are loyal to the main protagonists.
    • They are cruel toward other men; mostly, those are idiots by kicking their balls (Motoyasu to Filo and Kouki Amanogawa to Yue).
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