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Welcome to the rice fields, motherfucker!
~ Filthy Frank

Filthy Frank is the main protagonist of the Filthy Frank Show (TVFilthyFrank/DizastaMusic). He's an internet comedian, absurdist, master chef, etc. Frank currently lives in his apartment in the Nairobi Desert from Realm 6.2, along with his friends Pink Guy, Safari Man, and others.

Frank has been diagnosed with various diseases & disabilities. These include: Throat Cancer, Space Herpes, Weeabooism, Random Retardation, and more. It's been rumored that Frank can make people see images that many consider disturbing when giving them a look that's odd/unique when in person or a video. The images are said to have a purplish filter-like tint. This is unconfirmed as of now. Other unconfirmed rumors of Frank have circulated, such as him viewing the show "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" as a "god".


  • Frank has called his fan-base "Bromosomes" and "Filthipinos" before.
  • He's worshipped the dark lord Chin-Chin for a long time.
    • Even though he took his life away for classified reasons.
  • Sometimes he won't wear pants when he records his "frankisodes".
  • He enjoys rap and hip-hop music.