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Fina is tritagonist of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and a amnesiac who girl trapped inside a crystal and later broke out.

She was voiced by Akane Fujita in the Japanese version, and by Shin-Fei Chen and Katie Zieff at the War of the Visions in the English version.


Fina is a teenaged girl with long blonde hair and red eyes. Her hair has a pink flower acessory and a hair clip. She wears a purple and gray shirt and a purple and white skirt with a white and red cloak. She has black stockings and red boots and she wears black and white gloves.

In the second season, she wears a red outfit and has a new flower hairclip which matches her other self Dark Fina.

In the third season, she wears a blue outfit and a blue beret.


Fina is a kind, caring, selfless and brave girl who deeply cares for everyone in the world. She cares for her friends and other people in the world. She has the curiosity of a kid and tries her best to help others.

In season 2, she has matured and is more determined on her quest.


Fina is a healer classed character and can equip bows, staves and maces. She has the power to heal her allies and her limit is called Heaven’s judgment which does light damage to her foes.