Finado and Moribunda are two secondary characters from La Leyenda de la Nahuala, La Leyenda de la Llorona, La Leyenda de las Mumias de Guanajuato, La Leyenda del Chupacabras and La Leyenda del Charro Negro.

The Legends: Magic Scroll as main characters also appear in the video game.


Description Finado and Moribunda are two sugar skulls with their own lives that lived in an old altar of the dead inside the Old House. They usually accompany Leo San Juan in his adventures.

In the web page of the Legend of the Mummies of Guanajuato a Finado and Moribunda is described as follows:

In case we had not had beings in the aftermath of the adventures of Leo San Juan, these two sugar skulls -boy and girl-, rather like “the calaca children”, go back to haunt the activities of Leo and his group, even offering them help the characters they contact ... although most likely, of course, they don't solve the problem, total, how much can a four-year-old skull be demanded of? Paradoxically, these creatures from beyond, dumb from birth, are easily frightened and seek to hide every time they suffer in danger.



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