The Final Star is a playable character that serves as the main protagonist ship in Star Force (Mega Force outside Japan) and its following sequels, with the inspiration of Star Soldier. It is a star ship piloted by a player and used for taking down various enemies and enemy structures in every space-themed stage named after a letter of the Greek alphabet in all ports of the first installent.


Star Force

In the year 2010 of Dimension Almanac, there was a mysterious planet named GORDESS which was moving in the darkness of the cosmos for the purpose of mass murder and plunder. Everyone gave up fighting against GORDESS because of its awesome power. One day a brave soldier riding a space patroller challenged GORDESS to fight. People called this space patroller "FINAL STAR", wishing to be saved. You must bring an end to the murders which have been committed for the past 2,000 years.

Super Star Force

In the first sequel and Japan-exclusive title Super Star Force, with the combination of shoot 'em up and adventure game genres, the story starts in the year 2010 and the Neo Final Star, a time travelling successor to the previous Final Star and piloted by Ralph, must destroy the enemies in the past so that the player can confront the final boss in the year 2137. It must go back in time in order to defeat the evil planet Gordess and save the planet from the menace. However, seven time stones must be collected from each level's hidden dungeon. Taking advantage of the time travel opportunities during the game can help to unravel the mysteries of "time and space. It has to simply repeat the actions of the distant past in order to progress.

Legacy: Final Star Force

In the second sequel Final Star Force, a millennia ago, a mysterious force known as Gordess perished in a long battle. However, Gordess has been brought back to life by a race of aliens known as the Borign and is now in the process of ravaging the Earth. Two space ships - the Blue-Nova and the Red-Nova (both are spiritual successors to Final Star and its time travelling counterpart) - are sent to fight the Borign forces and destroy Gordess.


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