Findan is a character in Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, Heroes of Might and Magic V and the add-on Hammers of Fate.


Before Queen Isabel's War

Findan was a ranger in Irollan. When Anwen told about the demons and the Blade of Binding, he did not believe her, but when he witnessed Maethorn being attacked by a demon, he trusted her and guided her to rescue Euny, the druid elder, and to free Godric, who was taken in chains.

During Queen Isabel's War

Findan is an emissary of Irollan to negotiate with the Griffin Empire. When Markal rose King Nicolai Griffin, he was posted as a leader of the Elves. Later, he had to search for emerald dragons and even save Irollan's capitol, Syris Thalla, from the Undead. Per Alaron's wish, he went to Dragonmist Island to meet Tieru the Sage. However, Biara killed him, so Findan went after her, gaining the scroll for the Rite of True Nature. Before he left Irollan, he defeated Nicolai and slayed him.

Afterwards, he teams up with Godric Unicorn and Archmage Zehir to defeat Markal. Next, they went to Talonguard to rescue Queen Isabel Greyhound, but were intercepted with Raelag and Shadya. After Zehir convinced him that the Dark Elves are part of the Harmony, they join as well. When Zehir performed the ritual and Biara took Isabel, Findan was one of the heroes that went to Sheogh and rescued the Queen.

After the fighting in Sheogh, he returned to Irollan, only to find it besieged. He had no choice but to fight the Dark Elves, defeating Yrbeth and instating peace in Irollan. He restored the peace to Irollan and went to rest, leaving the other Elves to decide the next High King.


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