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Finis Valorum is a hero introduced in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. He had been the former Supreme Chancellor of the Republic before Palpatine managed to get him ousted from office and took his place as Chancellor.

He was portrayed by Terence Stamp, who had also portrayed General Zod in the Donnerverse Superman film series.

Born on Coruscant in 91 BBY, Valorum was a member of House Valorum, a highly placed family who counted several Supreme Chancellors amongst it members. His ancestor Tarsus Valorum was the first non-Jedi Supreme Chancellor after the reformation in 1032 BBY.

During his rise to the chancellorship Valorum had become friends with Grand Master Yoda.

At some point in his administration, he sent a Jedi to resolve disputes between criminal organizations. In his final term, he sent two Jedi Knights as ambassadors to prevent a war between the Trade Federation and Naboo and stop the blockade. The Chancellor could not do anything except appointing meeting because of the Senate's control.

Queen Amidala called a Vote for No Confidence which left Valorum stunned. He was replaced by Senator Palpatine of Naboo.

Following his ouster, Valorum retired from public life. During the Clone Wars, he helped Yoda investigate the mysteries behind a Jedi Master's disappearance.

Some believed him to have been killed in 21 BBY when the freighter he was supposedly on exploded while leaving Coruscant. However Valorum had not been on the freighter and was still alive in 20 BBY.

After the collapse of the Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire Valorum lived a secluded existence. Even though Valorum had been an ineffective leader some Coruscanti had fond memories of him.


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