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Finlorda is a supporting character from Dragalia Lost and the former king of the Faerie Kingdom. He also serves as the main antagonist of Nedrick's adventurer story.

He is voiced by Tsuji Shinpachi who replaced Naka Hiroshi in the Japanese version.


Finlorda is an elderly faerie with long curled hair with a mustache and a golden circlet. He wears a light blue robe with a grey collar.


In chapter 18, he is the mysterious voice heard by Notte in her head. His voice leads the group the way to the faerie forest. It is revealed he used Notte to monitor Euden in his whole life.

In chapter 19, the party meets Finlorda in person and reveals the truth to Euden that he is not a natural life born man and honestly tells reveals the truth Euden is created through faerie magic and a piece of Morsayati's flesh. Gatov thanks Finlorda for his honesty. Euden went out alone to continue his journey but was ambushed by a group androids.

After the androids were slain. A faerie subordinate informs that his son Jinlorda and Nedrick is ambushing the Sacred Tree. Euden said to Finlorda that he will stop his son and Nedrick from ambushing the tree.

Following the destruction of the tree due to the actions of the Progenitor, Finlorda declares war on Jinlorda in hopes of reclaiming the throne before Nedrick returned. The destruction of the tree causes most of Jinlorda's followers to go over to Finlorda. However, Nedrick manages to convince them to stand down before confronting Finlorda himself about his ability to shapeshift becoming locked. Finlorda submits and reveals that he place such a lock out of fear of Bahamut's power. However, a copy of Bahamut appears, prompting Nedrick to shapeshift and fight it, showing that he has control over the form and is able to work with Bahamut. Seeing this gives Finlorda hope for possible change that Nedrick told him to look for, and he works to rebuild his bond with his son following Nedrick's departure.

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