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We did make a good team, didn´t we?
~ Fiona to Rhys in the Vault

Fiona is one of two protagonists of the 2014 episodic point-and-click game Tales from the Borderlands. She is a con artist that lives on Pandora with her sister Sasha and adoptive father Felix.


Fiona is a professional con artist she has been scamming money from people ever since childhood. Do to her life experience, help from Sasha and Felix, and her strong social skills Fiona is knowable on how to convince people to fall for her scams without being caught and successfully getting the money she wanted. Some people sees her as a dangerous criminal, but in reality (player-determinant) she is a woman with a heart of gold that cares about her family and friends.

At the beginning of the game, Fiona, Sasha, and Felix are planning a con, in which they intend on selling a fake vault key to Hugo P. Vasquez.

When plans change and Rhys and Vaughn come to make the deal instead of Vasquez, the plan is disrupted by the discovery that Rhys' ECHOeye can identify the key as a fake. Fiona is forced to climb through the World of Curiosities in order to plant a device that scrambles Rhys' eye. Unfortunately, the device works too well and also shuts down Rhys' cybernetic arm, causing him to drop and break the fake key. The group is then attacked by a bandit lord named Bossanova, whose cronies make off with the 10 million dollars Rhys & Vaughn stole from Hyperion.

Forced to team up with Rhys and Vaughn in order to get the ten million dollars back from Bossanova, Fiona and Sasha sneak into Bossanova's camp, but are separated. Fiona and Vaughn get involved in a bandit death race in an attempt to "win" the 10 million dollars as prize money.

Their plan fails again when Zer0, a member of the Crimson Raiders and an esteemed Vault Hunter, confronts Bossanova. The two battle, and in the confusion Bossanova drops the briefcase containing the money into the race. The case eventually ends up in the hands of Felix, who betrays Fiona & Sasha and attempts to escape with the money. Fiona can either warn Felix about the bomb in the case, or tell him to choke on it. Either way, the case will explode, destroying the money. Whether or not Felix survives is dependent on the player's previous choice.

With the money destroyed, Fiona, Sasha, Rhys, and Vaughn resign themselves to the fact that they will be forced to work together to regain the $10,000,000. Following the discovery of a secret Atlas facility beneath the race track, an opportunity to find a Vault presents itself in the form of the Gortys Project. Together with Rhys, Fiona pieces together the map that will lead them to their Vault.

List of heroic acts

Episode one: Zero Sum

  • Stopped August from touching the fake vault key
  • Agreed with Shade to let him come along with her
  • Talked nice with the bandit
  • Told Vaughn that she would not let anything happen to him
  • Saved Vaughn from the bandit.
  • Warned Felix about the bomb in the case

Episode two: Atlas Mugged

  • Told Sasha to help Rhys
  • Talked nice with Scooter
  • Comforted Sasha about Felix betrayal
  • Didn´t peek inside Sasha´s box
  • Told Scooter that Rhys and Vaughn were their friends

Episode three: Catch A Ride

  • Helped Rhys
  • Agreed Vallory to help her up and attempted to talk nice with her
  • Thanked Athena for her help against Vallory
  • Told Gortys she was cute
  • Listened to Athena´s advice
  • Stopped Athena from killing Cassius
  • Throwed Athena´s shield to her in attempt to stop the rockets

Episode four. Escape Plan Bravo

  • Went along with Vallory´s deal
  • Told the truth about Athena to Janey Springs
  • Prevented the tour from being vaporized

Episode five: The Vault of the Traveler

  • Told August that he could change sides
  • Refused to work with Vallory
  • Told Sasha that she loved her.
  • Told Rhys that they are going into the Vault, as a family
  • Accepted Rhys and Sasha´s relationship/Told Rhys to stay away from Sasha
  • Had a meaningful conversation with Rhys in the Vault


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