Fiona Munson is the recurring character in Kid Vs. Kat, the great great great great great grand niece of Old Lady Munson and Coop's lover.

She is voiced by Chiara Zanni who also voices Hamtaro, Daring Do, Hakudoshi, The Infant, and Eva Wei.


Fiona is 9 (later 10) years old and appears in season two's premiere Something about Fiona. She also appears in the intro, being a recurring character, making 7 appearances to date. She is very good at skateboarding and seems to be really proud of it. She also appears to be good at soccer, and has an interest in aliens and enjoys playing pranks on people. When she learned about Kat's true identity as an alien, she became a powerful ally. While she had been suspicious from the start, when she saw Kat at every place something bad happened, Coop tried protecting her, so he went to Old Lady Munson's house and confessed to her, kissing her at the end.

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