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I guess the Leagues's become my family. I mean, we're a mess -- but it's the most wonderful mess I've ever run into.
~ Fire.
Even if we had anticipated such a thing, we lacked the time necessary to coordinate as an effective fighting group.
~ Prime Earth Fire.

Fire (real name Beatriz "Bea" Bonilla da Costa), previously known as Green Fury and Green Flame, is a fictional character, and a comic book superheroine appearing in publications by DC Comics

She was created by Ramona Fradon and the late E. Nelson Bridwell, and first appeared in Super Friends #25 in October of 1979.



Beatriz Bonilla da Costa was born to Ramon da Costa in Brazil, and was a amateur model and showgirl before becoming a government agent for Brazil. She served the Brazilian government by going on secret operations, and doing one mission, came into contact with a pyroplasmic when it exploded.

She survived the incident, and the exposure gave her pyroplasmic powers, allowing her to manipulate fire and become a flame form. Afterward, Beatriz decided to take the identity of "Green Fury", and later "Green Flame" and left the Brazilian government. She then joined the Global Guardians, an international superhero team where she befriended, Tora Olafsdotter, also known as "Icemaiden".


Green Fury and Icemaiden worked with the Global Guardians until the team was dissolved when the Justice League International was formed, and the two decided to join the group. The Justice League International recruited them due to Black Canary's absence and being short on teammates, and Beatriz changed her name to "Fire" with Tora shortening her name to "Ice". After Tora's death by the hands of the Overmaster, she returned to Brazil to become the country's superhero.

Though she had some variable success in Brazil, she blamed most of this to Martian Manhunter being visible in the hemisphere. Shen then joined the Super Buddies, a group ran by Maxwell Lord, and became roommates with Mary Marvel. Fire also attempted to rescue Tora's spirit from a dimension similar to Hell, and the demon Etrigan suggested that Beatriz was suppose to die instead of Tora.

During the "Infinite Crisis" storyline, Beatriz returned to working as a detective after the Supper Buddies dissolved, and later worked with her allies in trying to find the connection between Maxwell Lord and Ted Kord's death. During their battle against the OMAC's, Beatriz was badly injured and was nearly killed, but was saved by Rocket Red's sacrifice. After the incident, Beatriz became a secret agent of Amanda Waller under Checkmate, where she gladly turned into a assassin.

Prime Earth

On Prime Earth, Fire was a member of the Justice League International and worked with them on fighting against the Signal Men.



  • In the Justice League of America pilot, she was portrayed by Michelle Hurd.
  • In Justice League Unlimited, she was voiced by Maria Canals, who also voiced Hawkgirl in the DC Animated Universe.
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, she was voiced by Grey DeLisle, who voices Daphne Blake in the Scooby-Doo series, and also voiced Mandy in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Sam Manson in Danny Phantom, Tooth Fairy and Tootie Roberts in Fairly OddParents, and Catwoman in the Arkhamverse.
  • In Powerless, she was portrayed by Natalie Morales.

Video Games

  • In DC Universe Online, she was voiced by Shawn Sides.



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