Fire Kraken .png

Burn to be Wild!
~ Fire Kraken's official catchphrase

Fire Kraken is a Chinese dragon in Skylanders: Swap Force.

He is voiced by Billy West who also voiced Freeze Blade, Food Fight, Rocky Roll, Phillip J. Fry from Futurama, Ren Höek and Stimpy from The Ren and Stimpy Show, and many others.


Raised on a small island surrounded by a vast ocean of fire, Fire Kraken was the swiftest, most agile warrior his tribe had ever seen. And when a fleet of Fire Troll ships arrived to steal the legendary Burning Heart, a huge elemental crystal that fueled the fiery seas, Fire Kraken leapt into action. Using a magical staff to control his natural ability to wield fire, he set the mighty ships ablaze, forcing the trolls into a hasty retreat. Having saved the Burning Heart as well as his homeland, Fire Kraken soon joined the Skylanders, where he knew his skills would help those in need.


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