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The Fire LEO is the protagonist of the 1983 Shoot 'Em Up video game Thunder Force. It is the first craft created by the Galaxy Federation under the Fire LEO series of starfighters to counter the invading forces of the ORN Empire.


In the 22nd century, the Galaxy Federation is at war with the evil ORN Empire, who wishes to conquer the galaxy with its large armanda of defenses. The Federation is put at a disadvantage, considering that not only is the ORN Empire larger than they are, but also by the fact that their main fortress, the Dyradeizer, is hidden from view, making it impossible to locate.

In order to counter the ORN Empire's forces, the Galaxy Federation develops a small, but powerful starfighter known as the Fire LEO (Little Eternal-Operation of Fire). The spacecraft is tasked to locate several shield generators across an unnamed planet and destroy them with its bombs, but not without resistance from the alien force.

After destroying all the generators, the Fire LEO locates the Dyradeizer and confronts the gigantic base. Despite the fact that the Dyradeizer is larger, the small size of the Fire LEO makes it a difficult target for the Dyradeizer to destroy, and as a result, the Fire LEO successfully destroys the base.

Afterwards, the Galaxy Federation decides to continue developing new spacecrafts under the name Fire LEO, launching what comes to be known as "Project Thunder Force". The original Fire LEO meanwhile is retired for its more successful descendants like the Fire LEO-02 "Exceliza", the Fire LEO-03 "Styx", and the Fire LEO-04 "Rynex".


The Fire LEO is built with basic weaponry for a starfighter, however it proves itself to be more than effective against ORN forces.

  • Vulcan Cannon - a standard, semi-automatic cannon that is capable of destroying smaller ORN crafts easily, but requires more firepower against larger ones.
  • Bomb - a standard explosive that is essential for destroying the ORN shield generators lined across the ORN-controlled planet.


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