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Great fires of London!
~ Fireman Sam's catchphrase.
Sam is the hero next door!
~ The main lyrics of the theme song.

Fireman Sam (full name: Samuel "Sam" Peyton Jones) is a Welsh fireman and the protagonist of the television series of the same name.

In the classic series, Sam is voiced by John Alderton, who also voices all the other characters and provides the narration. In the 2005 series, Sam is voiced by John Sparkes, who also voices Elvis Cridlington, Station Officer Steele, Norman Price, Dilys Price, Mike Flood, Trevor Evans, Tom Thomas and Dusty (although he does not speak). In the CGI series, Sam is voiced by Steven Kynman.

Personality and background

Sam is kind, wise, brave, understanding, and knows everything there is to know about fire and safety. He is single, but likes to spend close quality time with Sarah and James, his niece and nephew.

As well as being a fireman, Sam is also a keen inventor, and likes to make the most of his spare time at home by inventing things in his backyard shed. However, anything that Sam invents usually either breaks or malfunctions.

Sam is also the one that usually drives Jupiter, Pontypandy fire station's main vehicle, and of which resembles a TK Model Bedford, one of the UK's most successful commercial vehicles.

Sam's residence is 3 Vale Rd, Pontypandy.



  • In 2009, Sam sung and appeared alongside various other children's TV characters in the music video to "The Official BBC Children in Need Medley" by Peter Kay's Animated All Star Band.