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I was not a forest-born cat, but ThunderClan welcomed me, and once I proved myself as a warrior, they grew to respect me
~ Firestar, Secrets of the Clans
Hero Overview

Firestar was a major character in Erin Hunter's Warriors book franchise serving as the main protagonist of the original arc of the series, The Prophecies Begin.


Firestar was one of ThunderClan's leaders and one of the most famous leaders. He was first discovered by Spottedleaf of ThunderClan after she received a mysterious prophecy from StarClan during the book Into the Wild. After receiving the vision of fire she stated, "Fire alone can save our clan". Firestar is the archenemy of ShadowClan's former leader Tigerstar. He has two daughters. One is Leafpool, a former ThunderClan medicine cat, and the second is Squirrelflight, who is the current deputy of ThunderClan. He also has a mate named Sandstorm. His best friend is Graystripe, the current acting leader of ThunderClan, and he was 8 years old at the time of his death.


Firestar was once a house cat named Rusty who lived near the forest. He was always fascinated about what he could see in the distance from the garden fence. He kept having dreams about trying to catch mice in the wild, but always woke up before he could catch it. One day, he finally went outside and met his friend, a kitten named Smudge, who warned him about the wild forest cats in the nearby forest. Despite Smudge's words, Rusty went out into the forest anyway, but was suddenly attacked by Graypaw, an apprentice from one of the Clans. Two other cats appeared. One was Bluestar, the leader of ThunderClan. And the other was Lionheart, a huge warrior who was Graypaw's mentor. Bluestar, seeing the potential that Rusty had, decided to invite Rusty to join her clan. She gave him a day to think about it. At noon next day, he met Lionheart again, with another cat named Whitestorm. They started to take him to camp and he kept up well, despite being a kittypet. When Bluestar announced his arrival to the Clan, Longtail, a new warrior, challenged Rusty to a fight to prove his worth. Rusty's collar snapped, signifying his ties with Twolegs had broken. Rusty won the fight and, in doing so, became a part of ThunderClan.

He was made an apprentice by Bluestar and renamed Firepaw, due to his Flame-colored coat. He started out sharing Tigerclaw and Lionheart as both his and his friend's mentors, but eventually he was apprenticed to Bluestar. His old life as a kittypet was over and his new life as a wild forest cat began. Firepaw and Graypaw spent most of their time together training with Ravenpaw. The day Rusty joined the ThunderClan cats, Redtail died in battle after fighting RiverClan, a rival warrior clan. Lionheart then became deputy, much to Tigerclaw's anger. Firepaw kept training, getting better and better, each day. The Clan now only had five apprentices; Firepaw, Graypaw, Ravenpaw, Sandpaw, and Dustpaw. Both Sandpaw and Dustpaw didn't like the newcomer, and they let that be known, as they ridiculed and taunted him for his kittypet roots. Firepaw learned fast about the Warrior Code. He met other Clan cats and went to Gatherings. He seemed to like the medicine cat, Spottedleaf. When Firepaw was one day hunting for his Clan, he ran into the former ShadowClan medicine cat, Yellowfang, who at that point, was a Rogue (Term for cats who are neither part of a Clan, nor cared for by Twolegs). She was very hostile towards him, despite her obviously being sick and wounded. They have a small fight, then they share a rabbit Firepaw caught. The two are found by a patrol, and Firepaw lands in serious trouble. Yellowfang was allowed to stay at the ThunderClan camp after Bluestar's decision as a prisoner. Firepaw then has to take care of her during her stay in ThunderClan. Ravenpaw hinted numerous times that the death of Redtail was not what it seemed. It was revealed to Firepaw by Ravenpaw that Tigerclaw killed Redtail. Firepaw began to suspect Tigerclaw was going to kill Ravenpaw for knowing too much. Tigerclaw starts hinting that Ravenpaw is a traitor. Then ShadowClan attacked and killed Spottedleaf and they stole some kits which were fortunately later returned. Lionheart was killed and Tigerclaw became deputy. Yellowfang goes to save the kits. Firepaw takes the opportunity to sneak Ravenpaw away to a nearby farm. Graypaw takes them to Barley, a farm cat they met earlier before coming back from Mothermouth. After dropping off, Ravenpaw, Firepaw and Graypaw head to ShadowClan territory. They come across Yellowfang, some ShadowClan elders and ThunderClan warriors. They attack Brokenstar's warriors and take back their kits while chasing Brokenstar and his followers out. They returned to ThunderClan as heroes. Firepaw tells everyone Ravenpaw was killed by a ShadowClan patrol. Yellowfang later took the position of Medicine Cat for ThunderClan.

After battling alongside ShadowClan to drive out Brokenstar, Firepaw and Graypaw recieved their warrior names: Fireheart and Graystripe. They then rescue two kits, which belonged to a RiverClan queen, from a river when it flooded. They discover RiverClan's fish are poisoned, and they feed the RiverClan cats food from their territory. Now Bluestar sent him and Graystripe to find WindClan, who was earlier driven out of their territory by Brokenstar. This was their first mission as warriors. They searched for a few days and they find the missing Clan. Tallstar, WindClan's leader, allowed the two to lead them home. Fireheart and Graystripe helped to carry a kit named Gorsekit for Morningflower. They also met Onewhisker and the WindClan deputy, Deadfoot. When they arrived back at WindClan territory, Tallstar had Onewhisker and Deadfoot take the two warriors home. On their way back they crossed into RiverClan territory, where they ran into a RiverClan patrol. Leopardfur, their deputy, and her warriors attack the small group. Then, a ThunderClan patrol arrives and helps to fight the RiverClan warriors. Later in the battle, Graystripe accidentally pushed Whiteclaw, another RiverClan warrior, off a cliff, killing him. but Fireheart saved Sandpaw from falling. After that she seemed to accept him. Fireheart then was given an apprentice named Cinderpaw. Graystripe got her brother, Brackenpaw. They take their apprentices out to show them their territory. When they were walking along the river Graystripe fell in after showing off to his apprentice. Silverstream, Crookedstar's daughter, saved him from drowning. Graystripe soon falls in love with her. His forbidden relationship greatly interfered with his apprentice duties, and he could not train Brackenpaw. Fireheart decided to take up Brackenpaw's training while Graystripe was chasing after Silverstream. When Fireheart found out about Graystripe's love for her, he repeatedly advised both of them to stop seeing each other, but they don't listen. This severed his and Greystripe's friendship. Fireheart later discovers his pregnant kittypet sister, Princess, after visiting the Twolegplace. When her kits were born, she gave him her firstborn son so he could live as a warrior in ThunderClan. Bluestar allowed the kit to stay and named him Cloudkit. Brindleface took care of him.

One day, Cinderpaw was hit by a monster (a car) on the Thunderpath. Her leg was gravely injured. Tigerclaw requested for Bluestar to meet him there, but Bluestar was down with greencough at that moment, so another cat had to take her place. Tigerclaw, however, claimed that this was a confidential matter and insisted that Bluestar must come. Cinderpaw wanted to go, but Fireheart told her not to due to the dangers of the Thunderpath. Unfortunately, she did not listen to him and ventured out alone, resulting in her leg getting crushed by a monster. Luckily, she survived the injury and later became Yellowfang's apprentice, since she could not be a warrior with a permanently damaged leg. Fireheart tells Princess about this, and she suggests it could have been a trap which Tigerclaw wanted to use on Bluestar so he could take her place as leader. Fireheart and his patrol find bones reeking of ShadowClan scent. at first they thought ShadowClan was hunting on their territory. Once they take the bones back to camp for Bluestar and the other warriors to see, Tigerclaw, enraged, leads almost all the cats to raid ShadowClan's camp. Yellowfang then pointed out that this was not ShadowClan's scent, but Brokenstar's. Fireheart sent Brackenpaw to alert the patrol. When Fireheart was the only warrior left in camp, Brokenstar and his rogues attacked their camp and Graystripe saves Fireheart coming looking for Tigerclaw. Brokenstar was blinded in battle and Clawface was killed. The other rogues ran away. Sandpaw and Dustpaw become warriors, their warrior names were Sandstorm and Dustpelt. Bluestar allows Brokenstar to stay as a prisoner in camp and gives him his old name back, Brokentail. Some time later when both RiverClan and ShadowClan attack WindClan. Bluestar sent ThunderClan warriors to defend them. Tigerclaw was seen watching as Fireheart was struggling in battle, close to death. Fireheart accidently attacked Silverstream, but didn't leave a scratch because he didn't want to hurt her, as Graystripe would have hated him even more if he did so. Tigerclaw took notice of this. After a Gathering, where all four Clans meet every full moon, Fireheart and Graystripe snuck off to see Ravenpaw so they could find out more about Redtail's death. Ravenpaw tells them all they needed to know. Fireheart asked some RiverClan cats about Oakheart’s death and uncovered some secrets that weren't even worth telling his friend. A flood devastated RiverClan territory and so Fireheart and Graystripe gave them prey. Some time later, Silverstream gave birth to two kits; Featherkit and Stormkit, but then died as she bore them. Cinderpelt tried to save her but was unable to. This made her feel guilty. Fireheart then discovered that Tigerclaw was plotting with Brokentail and his rogues to take over ThunderClan. They attacked it, causing a fierce battle to ensue. In the midst of the chaos, Tigerclaw attempted to kill Bluestar in her own den, but Fireheart saw them just in time and stopped him with the help of other warriors. Fireheart then told the whole Clan about Tigerclaw's treacherous acts. Fireheart exposed Tigerclaw as the true killer of Redtail. Shocked by the truth, Bluestar had Tigerclaw exiled from ThunderClan. Yellowfang killed her son, Brokentail by feeding him Deathberries. Fireheart secretly saw her do so. After that, Brackenpaw then was made into a warrior. He was renamed Brackenfur.

In the few moons after Tigerclaw's exile, Bluestar was driven mad by grief. She appointed Fireheart deputy since she did not know which other cat to choose. After that, she decided to stay isolated in her den, believing that her Clan was filled with rogues and traitors. This caused Fireheart to take up most of her duties. He had some help from Whitestorm, and support from the medicine cats as well. Darkstripe, being Tigerstar's main supporter, taunted Fireheart for his Kittypet heritage. He always tried to make Fireheart's duties difficult. Fireheart kept training Cloudpaw and he later had to choose mentors for Ashpaw and Fernpaw with the help of Cinderpelt and Yellowfang. Dustpelt became Ashpaw's mentor and Darkstripe became Fernpaw's mentor. Then two ShadowClan warriors, Littlecloud and Whitethroat, asked for help from ThunderClan. Greencough had spread through ShadowClan's camp and killed their deputy and new leader, Nightstar. Fireheart sent them away, thinking they would try to infect ThunderClan. But he soon discovered that they were still on his territory. He also found Cinderpelt helping them to recover in secret. He decided to let her treat them. Not long after, Tigerclaw and Brokentail's rogues attacked a ThunderClan patrol and killed Runningwind. ThunderClan chased them away. Fireheart noticed that Cloudpaw was looking relatively fatter than the other cats in the camp. He also saw him going to Twolegplace a lot more often, though he merely assumed that Cloudpaw was visiting his mother. But later, he found out that this is really because Cloudpaw had been letting twolegs feed him. Just when Fireheart saw this, the twolegs who were feeding Cloudpaw captured him in a truck and took him to their house. Fireheart was unable to help his nephew. Ravenpaw payed a visit after Tigerclaw had left. He had found Cloudpaw in a new house near where he lived. Ravenpaw took Fireheart and Sandstorm to the house where he saw the apprentice, and they saved Cloudpaw and took him home to ThunderClan. On the way back to camp, they were attacked by Mudclaw, his apprentice, Webpaw, and Deadfoot from WindClan. They chased the WindClan patrol off and returned to ThunderClan. One day, a great fire burned through the forest. Most of the cats escaped to RiverClan except for Patchpelt, Halftail and Yellowfang. All three died of smoke inhalation. Fireheart spoke with Yellowfang before she died in her den. She told him about Brokentail's death and that she killed him, but he already knew that, since he saw her do so. She wished Fireheart was her son instead. After a while, she passed away in the fire. Bluestar then became and Fireheart had to take her place at the Gathering. There he found out Tigerclaw had become ShadowClan's new leader. After the Gathering, some patrols found signs of dogs in the forest. Bluestar thought it was WindClan who was stealing prey from ThunderClan territory, but Fireheart knew it was the dog pack.

Bluestar then announced she wanted to attack WindClan. Fireheart then told his Clanmates about the dogs and stopped the attack on WindClan. Cloudpaw was made into a warrior named Cloudtail. Swiftpaw, Longtail's apprentice, became angry along with Brightpaw and Thornpaw because they didn't become warriors. Although, they were the same age. Swiftpaw and Brightpaw went to attack the dogs but sadly, Swiftpaw was killed and Brightpaw was badly injured. Brightpaw was on death's doorstep, but lived. Bluestar named her Lostface so if she died then she would be given to StarClan as a warrior. She survived but was blind on one side. Cloudtail never left her side the whole time. Fireheart then figured out Tigerstar was feeding the pack of dogs and was planning to lead them to ThunderClan so they could destroy the Clan. Fireheart told Cloudtail to take the Clan to Sunningrocks while he and some of the fastest warriors could leer the dogs away. One by one the cats took turns running, letting the dogs chase them. Fireheart was the last cat to leer the dogs to the gorge. Tigerstar stopped him and pinned Fireheart down. The pack leader grabbed Fireheart and almost killed him. Bluestar appeared and attacked the dogs. She fell off the gorge and Fireheart jumped in after her to try saving her. During the floods he had learned from Graypool, a RiverClan elder, that Oakheart had mated with Bluestar and she gave birth to two kits but she gave them to Oakheart so she could save her Clan and become deputy. Now as Fireheart and Bluestar were drowning, her kits came to their rescue. Mistyfoot and the new RiverClan deputy, Stonefur, helped Fireheart carry Bluestar to the bank. Before she died, both of her children told her that they forgave her for giving them up. Graystripe had rejoined the Clan and arrived to help Fireheart. Tigerstar appeared ready to finish off Bluestar but Graystripe stopped him.

After Mistyfoot and Stonefur paid their respects, they returned to RiverClan. Fireheart travels to get his nine lives. He travels with Cinderpelt to the Moonstone in Mothermouth. They meet Onewhisker's patrol. Fireheart tells him of the sad news. Then they keep in traveling to Highstones where the Moonstone is located. Fireheart sleeps next to the Moonstone and is visited by the StarClan warriors. He was visited by nine of his former warrior's companions. Lionheart, Redtail, and Swiftpaw, to name a few. After he was named Firestar, Bluestar gave him a new prophecy. Firestar then makes his reliable friend Whitestorm, into his first deputy. Graystripe hadn't proven himself as a trusted ThunderClan warrior yet to become deputy. Darkstripe tries to kill Sorrelkit with deathberries, so Firestar banishes him. He joins Tigerstar. Firestar then talks to One-eye, an elder, to find out how to change a name. She tells him how and he changes Lostface's name to Brightheart. He also makes Thornpaw into a warrior, Thornclaw. He was the first apprentice he made into a warrior. At a Gathering, Tigerstar reveals he plans to make all four Clans into one called TigerClan with all four leaders ruling over the land. Leopardstar, the new leader of RiverClan, had been visiting Tigerstar for a while. She joins the new TigerClan. Tallstar and Firestar refuse. TigerClan attacks WindClan and ThunderClan once again come to their friends aid. Tallstar then joins forces with Firestar to fight TigerClan but they soon find out Tigerstar had brought BloodClan in to the forest to help fight ThunderClan and WindClan. Graystripe wanted to check on his kits at TigerClan, so he and Ravenpaw go to check on them. They find that Tigerstar doesn't trust half-Clan cats and has his deputy, Blackfoot, kill Stonefur. Firestar then saves Mistyfoot, Featherpaw and Stormpaw. They joined ThunderClan. At a meeting with TigerClan, Tigerstar was killed by Scourge, the BloodClan leader, when he tries telling BloodClan to attack. Leopardstar then joins TigerClan with WindClan and ThunderClan. They become LionClan briefly. All four Clans then fight BloodClan. Whitestorm was sadly killed, but before he died, he requested that Graystripe be his successor. Firestar then makes Graystripe the new deputy. Firestar died after fighting Scourge, but he came back since he has eight lives left. He kills Scourge with a bite. LionClan was no more and the last BloodClan members left. Firestar, Graystripe and Sandstorm then watched the sun rise.

Months later in "The Last Hope" he fights in the battle with the Dark Forest. He is struck by Tigerstar, but matches the blow that ends his nemesis forever. He later dies of his wounds and goes to StarClan.

He appeared in "Squirrelflight’s Hope" where he is in StarClan and helping Squirrelflight.

He appears among the StarClan cats in "The Darkness Within". He is seen with Leafpool. Firestar is shocked after he finds out that Ashfur was sent down to the living clans for a mission.


  • Bramblestar- Firestar originally feared Bramblestar and was unsure of him. He was also suspicious of him. Later he accepted the cat, trusting and protecting him. He had chosen him as deputy out of trust.
  • Squirrelflight- Firestar shares a close relationship with Squirrelflight and is proud of her. They used to argue sometimes. Firestar gives her good advice. He loved her dearly and was very worried when she disappeared when the humans were destroying the forest.
  • Graystripe- Graystripe became Firestar's first friend in the Forest. Firestar and Graystripe were best friends and as close as. Firestar was deeply sad when he went missing.
  • Sandstorm- They share a very stable relationship and love each other very much. When they first met she used to make fun of him and judge him for being a house cat. For a while Sandstorm worried because Firestar was also in love with Spottedleaf. He loves Sandstorm more than Spottedleaf. Firestar confessed his love to Sandstorm in "Firestar's Quest". Once he saved her from falling into the gorge.  Afterwards Sandstorm developed a crush on him. They remained together for many years. The she-cat has a lot of faith in him and had believed in the prophecy. They are currently in StarClan together, the holy afterlife of the clan cats, after both of their deaths.

Physical Appearance

Firestar is a large, lithe, bright flame-colored tomcat with emerald-green eyes. It has been mentioned multiple times by other characters that Firestar bears a very close resemblance to his father Jake.


Firestar was a brave, protective, caring, compassionate, and honorable cat. He was also generous and forgiving. He was fiercely loyal not only to his Clan, but also to his many friends and allies, regardless of their affiliation. He respected the rules of the Warrior Code, but also had the insight to look beyond them in order to properly judge a questionable situation. As a result, he often broke the traditional rules of the Clans (a trend started by his very inclusion into Thunderclan, being a house cat, or having Kittypet origins) in order to help his friends or rectify a situation he believed to be right.

Firestar could be very serious, but also had a good sense of humor. He rarely got distracted. He shared his father’s fascination of the Forest. Firestar can sometimes be oblivious of some things, such as Cinderpelt's crush on him and Sandstorm's.

Heroic Acts

  • Helped to give Yellowfang a home.
  • Supported Bluestar at her dying moments.
  • Saved the whole forest in one of the biggest battles in the series.
  • Defeated Tigerstar.
  • Often helped cats in need.
  • Helped to restore Windclan and Skyclan.


  • Firestar is reminiscent of Harry Potter, through his personality.
  • On the Warriors official website, Firestar is described as courageous, loyal, brave, and kind.
  • One of Leafstar's kits, Firefern, is named after him.
  • In the German version of Warriors back when he was a Kittypet, he was called Sammy instead of Rusty, and in the Spanish version, he was named Colorado. In the Dutch version, he was called Rufus.
  • Firestar is said to take a lot of time preparing when he's about to speak.
  • As a leader, one of his favorite duties was holding apprentice ceremonies.
  • According to one of the Erins, Kate Cary, his human name would be Colin.
  • An official Firestar plush exists.

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