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Winnie: A father is the person who looks after you, protects you, loves you
Eggs: Oh, like Fish!
~ Eggs and Winnie discussing fathers

Fish is the major character in the 2014 comedy/family film The Boxtrolls. He is the leader of the Boxtroll clan who had adopted a human baby, who they named Eggs and raised him in his own ways. The Boxtrolls were demonised to the village of Cheesebrifge as vicious, child-eating monsters who steal children in the night however he, just like the rest of the Boxtrolls is actually a harmless inventor who only goes to the surface to explore and invent. Eventually they have to be set out of their ways when their very existence is threatnened by an evil exterminator Archibald Snatcher they can no longer hide and must fight to survive.

He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker


Fish adopted a young human boy from the surface when his father, Herbert Trubshaw was killed by Archibald Snatcher, the evil town exterminotor who wanted to be a member of The Cheese Guild and lied to the town that the Boxtrolls killed Trubshaw then dragged their son underground where they feasted on them.

He raised Eggs to behave like Boxtrolls and ten years after "Trubshaw Baby Remembrance Day" Fish is kidnapped by Snatcher's goons, The Red Hats.

Eggs mounts a one-man assault on Snatcher and the Red Hats, trying to rescue his adoptive father and in doing so locates all of the supposed dead Boxtrolls that Snatcher had kidnapped over the years. Snatcher saw Eggs however but they still manage to escape with the plucky, young rich girl Winnie.

Back at their nest, Fish tells Eggs the truth about his origins and he tries to go to Lord Portley Rind to stop Snatcher however it proves unsuccessful and he Eggs, Fish and the entire Boxtroll clan are kidnapped by Snatcher. Where they are taken back to The Red Hats Factory where they are seemingly killed by a crusher.

Snatcher takes Eggs to the town hall early at the morning, him tied up with a gag in his mouth and decorated him in a Boxtroll costume. Snatcher planned to kill him there are and then but Fish and the now alive Boxtrolls are able to save him and overpower Snatcher's mech. However he was able to kidnap Lord Portley Rind's daughter and in return for her safety he gives him a White Hat. Fish was present when Snatched ingested a piece of cheese which killed him.

After this Fish and the rest of the Boxtrolls were accepted as a part of society in the guild of Cheesebridge.


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