Fiskerton is one of characters in The Secret Saturdays.

He was voiced by Diedrich Bader also voices Tank Evans from Surf's Up films.

In Ben 10: Omniverse, he is voiced by Corey Burton also voices V.V. Argost and Ludwig Von Drake.


He is an 8-foot tall "gorilla-cat", with glowing red eyes.


Fiskerton can be cowardly at times, but when trouble is afoot, he proves to be very loyal to others and strives to aid them. Goofy, fun-loving, and just as prone to getting in trouble as Zak is, Fiskerton is rarely ever seen without his brother. He communicates in unintelligible grunts, but Zak seems to be able to understand him just fine.


Fiskerton is Zak's adopted brother and a seven-foot-tall "gorilla-cat" called the Fiskerton Phantom. In late Season One, he's revealed to be a Lemurian, an ancient race of "Kur Guardians" who have dedicated themselves to guarding the world from Kur's evil.


  • Interesting to note, the real Fiskerton Phantom does not resemble the cartoon's version. According to British folklore, the Fiskerton Phantom was a large black cat, similar to other cryptids such as the Beast of Bodmim Moor and the Beast of Exmoor.
  • Ironically the person Fiskerton trusts the most, is Kur himself (the cryptid he is supposed to protect the world from).
  • In Cryptid vs. Cryptid it is shown that Fiskerton can sneeze with enough force to blow away a group of people.


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