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I can fix it!
~ Fix-It Felix, Jr.'s catchphrase.
Oh, why do I fix everything I touch?!
~ Fix-It Felix, Jr.

Fix-It Felix, Jr. is the tritagonist of Wreck-It Ralph and a major character in its sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet. He is the video game hero of the video game Fix-It Felix Jr., Felix fixes every building the video game's villain, Wreck-It Ralph wrecks.

He is voiced by Jack McBrayer.


Felix is a cheery, lovable, kindhearted, and thoughtful hero. He brings joy to the Nicelanders by fixing their apartment windows whenever Ralph destroys them. As a result, he is often given praises, pies, and has celebrations thrown in his honor. During the celebrations, Felix is shown to be a gregarious and demonstrative person.

He doesn't treat Ralph as badly as the Nicelanders do and even seems to be a bit sympathetic and caring for him. When Ralph tires of his role as the villain and abandons his game, Felix is courageous enough to take responsibility and risk his life for his game by searching for him. Felix is good right down to his core. He never swears and has a charm about him that reminds you that he was made to be a hero of the 80's. Felix speaks with a southern accent and is constantly heard using various phrases such as "Oh my land!" and "Jiminy, jaminy!", mostly when something shocking or amazing occurs.

However, while Felix wasn't antagonistic towards Ralph, he was (albeit, unintentionally) insensitive to Ralph's feelings for thirty years, never considering how Ralph felt about his role as the game's villain, simply taking him for granted, and didn't even think to invite Ralph to the game's 30th anniversary, making him find it awkward when Ralph asks to be invited to try some cake.

When Ralph game-jumped, Felix went to get him back, not interested in why Ralph had taken off, only interested in the well-being of his game, and is cross with Ralph once they reunite, expressing how he'd been rejected and treated like a flagitious criminal. It was there he finally realized that's what Ralph had been subject to for thirty years, and so they work together to help Vanellope and save Sugar Rush, significantly improving their relationship, where Felix calls Ralph "brother" and even asks Ralph to be his best man at his and Sergeant Calhoun's wedding.


Felix is a diminutive man with fair skin, brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a blue plumber's outfit with a white undershirt, and golden brown boots and gloves. His cap is also blue and has his initials detailed onto it. Throughout the movie, Felix always carries his golden hammer with him.



According to Ralph, Fix-It Felix, Jr. inherited his golden hammer from his father, presumably named Fix-It Felix, Sr. In the platformer arcade game, Fix-It Felix, Jr., Ralph wrecks an penthouse created by the Nicelanders as revenge for his stump being moved out of the forest to be replaced by the apartment. Felix comes along fixes the penthouse. He gets awarded a medal by the Nicelanders, while Ralph gets thrown off the apartment into mud.

Fix-It Felix, Jr. was released in 1982 by a Japanese video game company, TobiKomi, and selected by Mr. Litwack for his arcade upon release. It was a massive success thanks to its colorful graphics, simple controls, and addicting gameplay. However, despite the success of this game and TobiKomi's later game, Sugar Rush, TobiKomi went out of business years before the events of Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Wreck-it Ralph

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Fix-It Felix, Jr. on 2012, the Nicelanders and Felix are holding a party in their apartment. They don't invite Ralph, who at the time when the party started was at a Bad-Anon meeting where bad guys from their respective video games come to discuss their hardships and struggles. When Ralph comes back, he sees fireworks come out of the apartment and the Nicelanders dancing and listening to music in the penthouse. He realizes that the Nicelanders have held a party without him and is frustrated about it. He comes into the penthouse and knocks on the door to the party. Gene, the mayor of the Nicelanders, answers the door and is scared by Ralph being at the door.

Upon announcement of Ralph's arrival from Gene, the Nicelanders panic, believing he will wreck the party. One of the Nicelanders, Roy, requests to Felix for him to get rid of Ralph. Felix goes out and talks to Ralph, who pretends to not know what is going on and that he thought the fireworks were explosions. After an awkward introduction, Glenn, a tortoise from Frogger, comes out to tell Felix that the Nicelanders are going to be serving cake. Ralph admits that he has never had cake before and convinces Felix to let him in to the party, despite the Nicelanders not liking Ralph.

Ralph sees the cake, which is a mock-up of the penthouse with the Nicelanders and Felix on top of the roof with Felix winning a medal and Ralph in the mud at the bottom of the apartment. Ralph notices the figure of him in the mud and puts him on the roof to make it happier. Gene tells Ralph that there is no room for the figure up there. Ralph then has the figure of Ralph switch spots with the figure of Felix. Gene tells Ralph that Felix needs to be up there for the medal. Ralph then takes the medal and gives it to the figure of Felix. Despite Felix just wanting to eat the cake, Gene gets into an argument with Ralph. Gene admits that they'd give Ralph the entire penthouse if Ralph won a medal, but believes that Ralph will never get a medal because he is a bad guy. Enraged, Ralph destroys the cake with his fists and leaves, claiming that he will win a really good medal.

The next day, Moppet Girl plays on Fix-It Felix, Jr. However, Ralph is not present to wreck the building. As a result, Mr. Litwack puts an "Out of Order" flyer on the arcade cabinet with plans to have the game removed the next day. The Nicelanders panic as that means that they will either go homeless or die as the arcade cabinet will be unplugged. Felix calms the Nicelanders saying that Ralph likely just got drunk and slept at Tapper again. Q-bert comes into their game to tell the Nicelanders. He communicates with Felix, who can speak Q-bertese, that Ralph has "Gone Turbo", which means that Ralph has abandoned his game to find fame in another game.

With instructions from Q-bert, Felix goes to Hero's Duty to find Ralph, who is trying to win a medal there. Sergeant Tamora Calhoun, the leader of the army in Hero's Duty, mistakes Felix for a Cy-Bug and she and the army start shooting at Felix. Felix misses the bullets and his held at gunpoint by Calhoun. Felix introduces himself to Calhoun and notices Calhoun's "high-definition beauty". Felix explains why he is here, because he was told that Ralph from his game was in Hero's Duty. Calhoun claims it is impossible that Ralph got past her and her troops. Felix, Calhoun, and the troops then hear a sound come from the tower.

Ralph is scaling a tower and reaches the final room of Hero's Duty. He is awarded a medal, but accidentally hatches a Cy-Bug. He struggles with the Cy-Bug and is forced into a ship. The ship launches and goes past Felix and Calhoun. Felix recognizes Ralph and Calhoun recognizes the Cy-Bug. The ship flies around the Game Control Center before going into the game, Sugar Rush. Calhoun and Felix goes over to the entrance of Sugar Rush. Calhoun mentions the Cy-Bug and brief Felix on them. Cy-Bugs only know how to eat, destroy, and multiply and will consume Sugar Rush and eventually the entire arcade. As Calhoun walks into the entrance, Felix asks one of Calhoun's troop members why Calhoun is this intense. The troop member says that Calhoun was programmed with "the most tragic backstory ever": her fiance, Brad Scott, was eaten by a Cy-Bug during Calhoun's wedding.

Felix offers to come along, but Calhoun believes that Felix will die if he comes along. Felix insists, saying that it is his job to fix what Ralph wrecks. Calhoun decides to let Felix come along. Calhoun and Felix find the shuttle crash but cannot find Ralph or the Cy-Bug. As Calhoun and Felix search, Calhoun asks Felix why Ralph went AWOL. Felix isn't sure why, but believes the Ralph has "Gone Turbo". Calhoun doesn't know what he means by that and Felix explains the backstory behind the phrase: Back in the 1980s, TurboTime was the most popular game in the arcade and Turbo enjoyed. Eventually, RoadBlasters was put in the arcade and stole Turbo's thunder. Turbo was jealous and abandoned his game to go to RoadBlasters. He ended up glitching up the game, which caused both RoadBlasters and TurboTime to be unplugged and carried out. After telling the backstory, Felix says that it is why he is looking for Ralph as the same thing will happen to Fix-It Felix, Jr. if Ralph isn't found.

Calhoun and Felix step on a huge double-striped candy cane branch stretching over a ravine. Because it is double-striped, it disappears, causing Felix and Calhoun to fall into the ravine. They fall in Nesquik sand, milk powder in the form of quick sand. Neither Calhoun nor Felix are able to jump out of the sand, causing Felix to panic and struggle. Calhoun yells at Felix as his panic is causing them to sink faster, forcing Calhoun to slap Felix. Laffy Taffy vines from a tree above start to laugh. Felix realizes that these Laffy Taffy vines could help them get out of the sand. Although initially relucant, Calhoun is convinced by Felix to have her slap him to make the Laffy Taffy vines come closer to them, with Felix fixing himself with his golden hammer after each slap. Eventually, they pull themselves out of the sand by grabbing onto the Laffy Taffy vines are pulled up onto a branch on a candy cane tree.

Later, Calhoun is driving a shuttle while Felix is looking at her dreamily. Felix eventually calls Calhoun "one dynamite gal" which triggers a memory of all the times Calhoun was called "one dynamite gal" by Brad. Calhoun screams and forces Felix to get out of her shuttle, despite Felix not meaning to worry or anger Calhoun in any way. As Calhoun's shuttle flies away, Felix spots King Candy's castle and goes to it. He knocks on the door to the castle and Sour Bill answers it. Felix introduces himself and asks Sour Bill whether or not he knows where Ralph is. Sour Bill arrests Felix, not wanting to make the same mistake he did with Ralph earlier.

At the Fungeon, Felix is calling out the caged window for anyone to find and release him. One of the bars goes lose and Felix hits the bar with his golden hammer while yelling Ralph's iconic phrase, believing he will break the bars. The bars, unsurprisingly, simply fix themselves and upgrade. Felix is about to give up when Ralph breaks the wall to Felix's chamber and brings out a destroyed candy go-kart. Felix is initially excited to see him, but becomes displeased with him due to Ralph's actions previously. Felix rants about how the world treats him like a criminal and claims that Ralph doesn't understand what he feels. Ralph points out that the opposite is true, Ralph understands because that is how he is treated his entire life, but wants Felix to fix the go-kart for a glitched racer named Vanellope von Schweetz. Having reconciled with Ralph, Felix fixes the go-kart.

Ralph, Felix, and Vanellope go to the racetrack and Venellope starts racing with other racers as Ralph and Felix watch from a screen. If Vanellope passes the finish line, the game will reset and she will not be a glitch anymore. As Vanellope is reaching second place, Calhoun appears at where Ralph and Felix are at. Felix is ecstatic that Calhoun came back, but Calhoun tells Felix to "can it". She reveals that thanks to Ralph, a whole swarm of Cy-Bugs are now inhabiting Sugar Rush. Ralph tries to explain that the Cy-Bug he was with died in a taffy pool earlier, but he is interrupted by swarm of Cy-Bugs bursting out of hill in Sugar Rush, forcing Ralph, Felix, and Calhoun to protect the finish line.

Venellope eventually passes the racer at first place, King Candy. King Candy, not wanting Vanellope to race, starts crashing into her and attacking her. Vanellope's glitching penetrates King Candy's coding, revealing him to be Turbo in disguise, as Ralph and Felix watch in surprise. Turbo apparently recoded the game to make himself the main character while Vanellope is reduced to a glitch. Vanellope uses his glitching to escape from King Candy. As she is about to reach the finish line, she is attacked by a swarm of Cy-Bugs. The team rushes to save Vanellope, leaving the finish line behind. They give up on the finish line and are forced to evacuate the inhabitants of Sugar Rush.

They manage to evacuate everyone except Vanellope, who can't escape because she is a glitch. Calhoun says that the Cy-Bugs cannot be stopped because there isn't a beacon of light. This gives Ralph an idea. He takes Calhoun's hover board and goes to the Coca-Cola and Mentos volcano. After a brief square-off with a King Candy Cy-Bug hybrid, Ralph manages to break all the Mentos into the boiling Coca-Cola, which attracts and kills all the Cy-Bugs including the unfortunate King Candy. Felix, joyed by the Cy-Bugs being gone, jumps and kisses Calhoun's cheek. Calhoun grabs Felix and they kiss lips-to-lips.

After the incident, Ralph is treated better by the Nicelanders and Felix, with Ralph being given cake after each round. Ralph offered the homeless Q-bert and his friends a home at the Fix-It Felix, Jr. game and they became part of the game's bonus rounds. This results in Fix-It Felix, Jr. to become considered retro by the kids playing in Mr. Litwack's arcade. Felix eventually married Calhoun, with Calhoun's troop making sure no Cy-Bug interrupts the wedding and Ralph being Felix's best man.

Wreck-It Ralph (video game)

Felix aids Ralph, Calhoun, and Vanellope in the vanquishing of Cy-Bugs that have run rampant throughout the arcade.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

On 2018, six years after the events of Wreck-It Ralph, Felix and everyone else is still doing their jobs in the arcade. He appears with Calhoun when a Wi-Fi router is plugged in by Mr. Litwack. The group witnessing the plug-in, including Felix, is curious about what is Wi-Fi. Sonic eventually explains, after Ralph mistakes Wi-Fi for an arcade game, that Wi-Fi connects people to the internet, a vast and expansive field of knowledge and content. Surge Protector considers it dangerous due to it being new and forbids everyone from entering Wi-Fi.

Later, the wheel for Sugar Rush breaks. As a result, Sugar Rush is unplugged, resulting in all the inhabitants to become homeless, including Vanellope and the 15 other racers. The 15 racers are taken to the penthouse in Fix-It Felix, Jr. After nobody shows willingness to adopt them, Felix and Calhoun volunteer to raise them, despite Surge Protector's warning. The 15 racers then trash the penthouse. Felix goes to the bar in Tapper and drinks root beer for the first time because of his stress over the 15 racers. Ralph is there, who is feeling sympathy for Vanellope. When Felix says "eee-a-boy" over his stress, Ralph gets the idea to go through Wi-Fi to get to "eBay" and buy a new wheel for Sugar Rush. Felix believes that Ralph's idea is a good idea and says that he will cover for Ralph. As Ralph leaves, he says to everyone that Felix is covering for everyone's tab, despite Felix only meaning he will cover for Ralph.

It is unknown how exactly Fix-It Felix, Jr. managed to survive a day without Ralph. However, Felix and Calhoun manage to raise the 15 racers to become good children. At the end of the movie, the 15 racers are shown to be racing, but treating each other nicely and more polite. Vanellope isn't there as she decided to stay in an MMO racing game, Slaughter Race. In the stands, Felix and Calhoun are cheering the racers on. Surge Protector asks Felix and Calhoun how they managed to do it. After they tell him (the viewer can't hear it due to the go-kart sounds drowning it out), Surge Protector wishes that every parent could to hear it.

A new event is held every Friday, where the characters hang out in a different game. Ralph hosts the Fix-It Felix, Jr. event, which Felix and Calhoun participate along with other characters. Later that week, Ralph talks about what is going on currently to Vanellope through a hologram phone. After the conversation, Ralph stares at the sunrise. Felix comes and asks if Ralph is okay. Ralph says that he is doing great, and they go to their game to start a new day.

Kingdom Hearts Union x

Skills and abilities

Felix wields a golden hammer that can be used to fix anything it hit. Despite being designed for fixing the penthouse during gameplay of Fix-It Felix, Jr., it can be used on anything including people when they are injured. He can also jump higher than average. In-game, he can also eat pies made by the Nicelanders to turn invincible and build faster than normal, though this hasn't been shown anywhere else in the movies.

In Wreck-It Ralph, he is shown to be knowledgeable in Q-bertese which allows him to communicate with Q-bert unlike most of the Nicelanders. He is also shown to be very good carpenter as shown in the end of Wreck-It Ralph when he builds homes in Fix-It Felix, Jr. for Q-bert and other characters from Q-bert which had been unplugged prior to the events of the movie. In Ralph Breaks the Internet, he is also shown to be good parent along with Calhoun, as they managed to turn the 15 racers from Sugar Rush from being obnoxious to being polite.



  • Felix happens to be voiced by Jack McBrayer, who also voices Wander from "Wander Over Yonder".
  • Felix is character inspired by Mario from Super Mario Bros both similar jump sounds, unlike he is main protagonist in arcade game in movie he is tritagonist.


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