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This hair is my pride and something that I received from the blessings of the Eternal Flame...
~ Flare Corona to Hiroshi.

Flare Corona (in Japanese: フレア・コロナ Furea Korona) is a Mage and a former member of the Raven Tail Guild, as well as one of its elite members.

She is voiced by Shizuka Itō in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Alex Moore in the English version of the anime.


Flare is a pale-skinned young woman of average height with long red hair, which is usually worn in a pair of massive waist-length braids that are tied together behind her back. Whenever Flare activates her Crimson Hair, her free hair is shown to be wavy, flowing and extremely long, with its length being manipulable at her will. She has full lips and reddish eyes always shown wide open, something which, together with her tilted head, her perpetually raised eyebrows, and her semi-opened mouth, gives her a somewhat deranged appearance. In addition, she seems to have visible bags below her eyes, adding to her distinctive look. Flare possesses an extremely voluptuous body, with very large breasts matched by similarly large hips, endowing her with a virtually perfect hourglass figure. Her left shoulder bears a scar in the shape of an "X", and her dark Raven Tail mark is located on the upper part of her right breast. Later, after the disbandment of Raven Tail, Flare replaces her Guild Mark with the mark of her home village: the Sun Village.

Flare's shapely figure is hugged by an extremely revealing crimson dress secured by halter-neck straps, which leaves most of her upper body, namely her back, sides and a large portion of her cleavage almost reaching down to her navel (and, as a result, part of her guild mark) completely exposed. The dress reaches down to her calves, with the skirt being flouncy, possessing a large slash in its front right part for Flare's legs to move freely, and a lighter section, consisting of two elongated patches acting as a belt of sorts in correspondence to her waist, is apparently sewn to the dress. Flare's attire is completed by long gloves almost reaching up to her shoulders, matching her dress in color, each having a small cut on the upper outer edge. Initially, she was briefly shown wearing simple, light-colored boots; as of her battle with Lucy Heartfilia, however, she had switched to a pair of dark, high-heeled shoes.


After being disqualified along with her team from the Grand Magic Games, she is shown to have a shy and softer side, following Lucy to Ryuzetsu Land for the purpose of apologizing to to her, blushing while doing so and showing remorse towards her vile actions. As a resident of the Sun Village, however, Flare is shown to be very protective of her saviors and friends, the giants, as well as prone to quick anger when their precious protector, the Eternal Flame, is threatened.


As a newborn girl, Flare was found and raised by the giants of the Sun Village. Later on, as a blessing of the Eternal Flame, Flare received the ability to manipulate her hair in any way she wished. However, as time progressed Flare noticed the obvious difference between herself and the giants, and decided to leave and travel to meet others the same size as her. Her lack of knowledge about the outside world made her fearful though, and upon meeting the members of Raven Tail she joined them happily, oblivious to their malicious personalities and unnatural hatred towards Fairy Tail; something she assumed was just natural and common for people outside her village.

On the evening of the third day of the Grand Magic Games, Flare secretly follows Fairy Tail's members to Ryuzetsu Land, a summer leisure spot. Once there she talks with a surprised Lucy explaining that she wasn't arrested, but only taken by the Custody Enforcement Unit for questioning. Lucy then asks her what she wants, Flare blushes and simply says that she came to apologize to her. After that she walks away while Lucy looks at her, smiling.

Sun Village arc

After the events of the Grand Magic Games, Flare ends up following Fairy Tail back to Magnolia Town where she takes advantage of their new bathing facility in the rebuilt guild, alongside the female members of Fairy Tail. However, she is initially mistaken as Erza due to her red hair. Upon being discovered, an enraged Cana attempts to attack her, only to be stopped by Lucy, who tries to defend Flare by saying that she isn't as bad as they think. Trying to show her good will, Flare captures Cana in her hair in an attempt to wash her, and explains that due to Raven Tail being disbanded, she no longer has any place to go to. Despite this, Flare rejects Lucy's offer to check with Makarov to see if she can join, saying she has no intention of joining Fairy Tail.

As Lucy and Wendy are later attacked by the members of Sylph Labyrinth at the Sun Village, Flare appears and jumps into battle to aid the two Fairy Tail Mages, stopping Drake's sniper bullets with her hair and revealing a new mark in place of her old Raven Tail insignia. Flare then proceeds to laugh at the treasure hunters for their pitiful attempt; when questioned as to why she's in the Sun Village like they are, Flare answers that she was stalking Lucy, though quickly dismisses that as a joke. With a sad expression on her face, Flare reminds Lucy that she had nowhere to go, so she opted to return to her home: the Sun Village. Flare then reveals that the mark on her breast is the mark of the Sun Village, and that from a young age she was raised by the giants.

However, Flare's sadness quickly turns to anger and, her voice quivering with rage, she informs the treasure hunters that she won't forgive them for what they did to her surrogate family; the treasure hunters quickly deny that they froze the giants, and explain that they simply came for the Eternal Flame. Getting even more livid by the second, Flare shouts that that isn't any better and explains how important the Eternal Flame is to their village. She then violently extends her hair, screaming that she won't let anyone sully it, but Hiroshi cuts her hair with ease. Just then, however, Lucy summons Cancer and has the Celestial Spirit restore Flare's hair, a sensation which she finds enjoyable; Flare then smiles at Lucy when she states that they'll help protect the Sun Village. Quickly recovering, Flare strikes Hiroshi in vengeance.

Still fighting Hiroshi, Flare attempts to strike him with her Hair Shower: Wolf Fang, though he simply slices her hair once more; the cut hair begins to burn and Flare states that her hair is her pride and a blessing of the Eternal Flame; with her Hair Shower: Firefly Flame, she creates a small explosion around Hiroshi. A short while later, upon seeing Lucy get shot at, Flare motions to help, but finds that Hiroshi has tied her hair around a tree. Now unable to move, she listens as Hiroshi degrades them. Just then, Flare catches the treasure hunter by surprise as she extends her hair and grabs him, explaining that knots mean nothing to her. Utilizing her Hair Shower: Thousand Birds, Flare defeats Hiroshi and happily smiles at Lucy, thankful for her assistance.

After the fight, Flare explains to the other girls that she grew up in the Sun Village, but soon decided to leave because she stood out to much due to her different size. However, she was scared of the outside world because she had never met people her own size, which made her join Raven Tail. She then apologizes for all her actions during her stay at the guild, and decides to lead the group to the Eternal Flame, so that she can both return her friends back to normal, and amend for her past mistakes. Taking the group through the forest and back towards the Sun Village, the trio stop when they suddenly hear a monstrous cry and all spontaneously turn into little kids. As Wendy concludes that some strange Magic is probably the reason for their transformation, Flare looks towards Lucy, and the two comment that they both look cute in their child forms.

Turning back shortly after, the group continues and runs into Natsu, who angrily recognizes Flare. As the red-head hides behind Lucy, the blonde explains to Natsu that Flare is no longer their foe, rather a former inhabitant of the village. Trusting Lucy, Natsu states that the village must mean a lot to Flare, and promises that they will do everything they can to help return it to normal, much to Flare's surprise. Continuing, Natsu states that he has been drawn to the mountain near them because he can hear a voice, though, sadly, Flare states that the formation is not a mountain, rather the Eternal Flame frozen solid. Before they can decide what to do, the group is joined by Gray, the man running from some sort of Demon creature, but stating that he believes he can melt the ice surrounding the flame. As Natsu holds off the beast, Gray approaches the Eternal Flame and begins to try and melt it, Flare joyously watching as the shell begins to fall away. However, the Eternal Flame suddenly vanishes altogether, Flare falling to her knees in utter disbelief.

Flare, shaking violently as she weeps hysterically, is awestruck to see the Eternal Flame vanish right before her eyes, pondering the village's future. Wendy points out that it's not gone, whilst Lucy claims that she sees something, leading Flare to reveal that what Lucy is pointing to is the Fire Altar; a diminishing flame still lingering. The group converses and reaches to the conclusion that Natsu's Magic can restore the flame, giving Flare hope as she shouts his name. She watches as Natsu attempts to shake off the beast preventing him from restoring the flame, attacked by said creature's eye beam in the process. However, she witnesses Natsu's triumph as the Mage smashes the creature on the altar and releases multiple fire attacks that light up the Eternal Flames. She places her hand over her mouth, happy to see that the guardian, who turns out to be Atlas Flame, is fine as tears of happiness roll down her cheeks.

Flare's happiness is somewhat short-lived though, as it is soon revealed that the group is only seeing Atlas Flame due to Wendy casting her Milky Way spell. In fact, Atlas himself is dead. Knowing they only have a short time to talk to his lingering spirit, Flare asks the Dragon to recall who was responsible for freezing the village; Atlas has trouble remembering due to his experiencing of a slight amnesia, but recalls that it was a lone man with Devil Slayer Magic who came and froze the village to purge him. Being reminded of the condition the village is in, Flare falls to her knees in a respectful bow, begging Atlas to use his Magic to restore the town. Reminded of his state as the village guardian, Atlas releases a wave of heat from his flames, successfully returning everyone to their rightful condition. The task complete, Atlas' spirit passes on as Flare sheds tears of gratitude.

With a sadden expression, Flare hides her presence from the giants behind a tree, until Lucy ponders her whereabouts. The giants hear Lucy claim that Flare is indeed somewhere in the village, causing them to raise to their feet and scout the area. When Lucy begins to drag her from behind the tree, she reminds her that by abandoning the village without informing anyone, the giants ought to be upset with her actions. Albeit, much to her shock, after they notice Flare's growth over the years, the hefty giants question her adventures in the outside world. Nervously, Flare explains that it's frightening, leading the giants to smirk. A giant lowers his head and states that no matter where a person goes, there will always be difficulties. Happily, they welcome her home with open arms. As tears descend down her cheeks, she confirms that she's back, with a big smile on her face. Afterwards, she parties with the Fairy Tail Mages and the giants over their triumph.


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