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Eugene "Flash" Thompson is a recurring antagonist in Marvel Comics’s Spider-Man Movie series. His incarnation as Venom with the powers of the symbiote was not depicted and he is Mary Jane's ex-boyfriend.

He was portrayed by actor Joe Manganiello.



Flash is a star high school football player and classmate of Peter Parker who mercilessly bullies Peter and Peter's friend Harry Osborn. He is depicted as the boyfriend of Mary Jane Watson, Peter's crush, at the start of the film.

Later on in the film, Peter accidentally uses a web string to splash Flash with a lunch tray of food. A fight between the two subsequently breaks out in the school's hallway which Peter wins, albeit accidentally, by discovering his new powers and sending Flash down with just one punch.

Mary Jane later tells Peter that Flash was grateful to Peter for not hurting him more or giving him a black-eye for his graduation photo's. On graduation day, he and Mary Jane break up after she refused an impromptue proposal.

Spider-Man 3

At the end of the movie, Flash attended Harry Osborns funeral.


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