Flash Thompson Amazing Spider-Man
Eugene "Flash" Thompson is an supporting character who appears in The Amazing Spider-Man movie. He starts as an bully to Peter Parker, but he becomes Peter Parker's best friend later on.

He is played by Chris Zylka.

Physical Appearence and role in the movie

Flash Thompson is a young Caucassian teenage boy who has a muscular build, blond hair and green eyes. He wears school's football uniform, with a Spider-Man shirt underneath tucked inside his pants, and an black belt with a bronze clasp.

Flash is an bully who likes to bully weak people including Peter Parker, but he is also good and nicer to the students and shows respect to anyone, he hates criminals and villains who terrorize New York City.

Despite being an bully, Flash likes to play Basketball with his friends and shows respect to his friends especially for Peter Parker, even he is unaware that Peter is Spider-Man. After Dr. Curtis Connors is arrested for terrorism and the murder of George Stacy, Flash Thompson was seen wearing a Spider-Man shirt and congratulating Peter Parker for saving New York.


He is one of the only characters to be reformed, the next being Dr. Curtis Connors.

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