The Flexers are intelligent and flexible Mixels, and live in the western Sproingy Lands/Rubber Lands. They are orange with black highlights in color and also some tentacles.

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On the surface, they appear to be wild and dangerous, but in reality, the super stretchy Flexers are an intellectual bunch.


  • Kraw - He loves to stretch his intellect in a battle of wits, but he also just loves to stretch and bounce.
  • Balk - He uses his head like a rubber mallet, but he may have knocked a few screws loose.
  • Tentro - Although he suffers from a lack of confidence, his tentacles make him powerful and versatile.


  • Teacher:The female teacher of Mixing 101 at Mixopolis Middle School.


  • Their leader is Kraw.
  • They were originally called the Flexors and the Stretchers.
  • All of them have more than two legs.
  • None of them have hands, however they use their tentacles as hands.
  • They are the second tribe to have a four-legged Mixel, being Tentro.
  • Their Cycloptic member is Kraw.
  • They are based the element of rubber.
  • Tentro is often mistaken as the leader.
  • Their Max is a lobster-like creature with super long tentacles.
  • All of them are patterned after sea creatures.
  • Each of them have a tendency to extend a specific vowel out to make it sound elastic-like, fitting their abilities. Kraw extends out o-sounds (as seen in Epic Comedy Adventure),Tentro extends out i-sounds (as seen in Elevator), and Balk extends out e-sounds (which is also seen in Elevator).
  • According to Calling All Mixels, they have regular tea parties.
  • Each of them have a different number of legs; Kraw has six, Tentro has four, and Balk has three.
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