Flintlock's artwork.

TMF-01 Flintlock, or simply Flintlock, is a main protagonist fighter of Xexex. It was created by Earth scientists and designers upon receiving the distress call from Irene of E-Square and finding the Flint bioform. The Flintlock is designed to control the Flint and is also armed with an impressive array of weapons. This fighter also appears in the SNES version of Ganbare Goemon 2/Mystical Ninja 2 and Air Force Delta Strike.


The Flint.

Flint is a powerful pod which is most likely inspired by the Force unit from R-Type. It was sent to Earth along with the distress message from E-Square. Its true purpose is not known but nonetheless is a versatile tool. The Flint has the ability to block most enemy fire.

To increase its ability, the Flint can be detached where it will extend its tendrils and actively float towards the nearest large target whereupon it will damage the target till recalled or destroyed. The Flint can also be used as a powerful long-range energy whip when connected to the Flintlock. By charging energy into it then releasing, the Flint will unleash up to three energy charged tendrils directly ahead damaging anything in their path.


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