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Flonne is one of the recurring characters in Disgaea video game series, canonically appeared in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and onward with the exception of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. She's an angel who is commonly known for her alias as "Love Freak" and she perpetually used the two good words: Love and Justice. In addition, she has taken on four formations through her life: Angel Trainee, Fallen Angel, Archangel and Awakened Angel. Even though she is one of the three main characters (alongside Laharl and Etna) in many Disgaea games, she somewhat appears as an on & off boss character for some reason.


Flonne is being described herself as a very kind and innocent angel in her belief that everyone is capable of love, especially demons. Her traits are shown to form between an otaku and a ditz. She likely wants love and kindness to triumph at all that can piss off both Laharl and Etna. However, at a single point, this physically hurts the former ones. Although Flonne became a fallen angel after the end of the first entry of the series, she retained both beliefs and passion about love despite turning herself into a demon and dedicated herself towards teaching the other demons a lesson about the importance of it. She loves the tokusatsu as her favorite visual genre and has created a crude costume that looks like Godzilla with purple wings, a reference to one of the Next Episode previews owned by Etna and is featured in later entries of Disgaea series as a special attack. She is deeply devoted to both Seraph Lamington and the concept of love, and likes her wish to spread the latter to others, calling her "Love Freak" by Laharl. Despite the way Laharl tends to act towards Flonne, she is affectionate to him.


Hailed from the angelic land of Celestia, Flonne is an angel who went on a quest to the Netherworld under the order of Seraph Lamington to kill King Krichevskoy, the father of Laharl and the kingdom's late ruler. Shortly after her arrival, she learns from Laharl that King Krichevskoy has died for about 2 years of his rule. When Flonne is perturbed by the rejection of Laharl over her love, she decides to change her plan to follow him and observe what the demons truly are.

Powers and Abilities

Flonne is responsible for possessing the unique powers of light and healing. However, she can also do her attacks for offensive purposes due to her high INT stat.

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