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Flora Elle Buckman (Also known as Flora Belle Buckman) is the titular protagonist of the 2021 film, Flora & Ulysses. She is a 10-year-old little girl who adopts a squirrel named Ulysses, who happens to possess superpowers. She is portrayed by Matilda Lawler.

Background information

Feature films

Flora & Ulysses

Portrayed by

Matilda Lawler


Pippi Longstocking

Angela Anaconda

Cindy Lou Who

Character information

Full name

Flora Elle Buckman

Other names

Honey (by Phyllis Buckman)

Sweetie (by George Buckman)


Superheroes, Ulysses, Comic books, William Spiver, bubble baths, Being loyal to Ulysses, ancient curses, the name "Joey", pumpkins and apples, sugary jam, watermelons, laughter, adventure, burgers, being loved


Miller, Losing Ulysses, the color pink, squid jerky, ghosts, eggs on her head, bees, her own bad luck, bugs, clowns, true love's kiss, messing up, tigers, snakes, bears, skunks, being thought of as a nuisance, peppers, spiders, being hungry, being in deep water, penguin scented spray, cold non-bubble baths, ghost pepper fries, Ulysses' rambunctiousness, peppers, cheese



Other relatives

Phyllis Buckman (Mother)

George Buckman (Father)

William Spiver (Future Husband)


Elle (future teenage daughter, 16)

Kayla and Carly (future younger twin daughters, 6)

Victoria (future younger daughter, 3)

Emmett (future youngest son, 2)


Ulysses (formerly)