Flora Reinhold is the tritagonist of the first trilogy of the Professor Layton series. She is the only child of the late Baron Augustus Reinhold and the late Lady Violet Reinhold, as well as the heiress of the family fortune and St. Mystere. She is now Layton's foster daughter.

She is voiced by Mamiko Noto in the Japanese version, and by Lani Minella in the English version.


As a child, Flora wore a plain white dress with a little red ribbon on it, and either white shoes, which also had red ribbons, or just plain red shoes.

In Curious Village, she wears a white dress with red trimming, white gloves, and black shoes. After the first game, Flora wears a coral dress with a red sash and white sleeves and trimming that goes down to her knees. She also wears gray almost-knee-high boots. She has also worn disguises in Curious Village and Diabolical Box, which do not differ that much from her orthodox look. Her disguises usually consist of a simple head scarf and glasses of some sort, Making it so that if you've ever met her before, you can easily tell it's her, Flora herself, however, thinks that her disguises are spot on.

She has big black eyes, and bright rosy cheeks. Her hair is always tied back in a ponytail with a red ribbon, with her bangs hanging in front, in a single curl.


Flora is a sweet, curious individual. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads her into trouble, such as her kidnapping by Don Paolo in Diabolical Box. Because she spent so many years in a village populated entirely by robots, she has difficulty relating to new people, and will often either hide from them or overshare details (as shown in Unwound Future).

She is devotedly fond of both Professor Layton and Luke, and gets very upset when they go away on investigations without her. It's implied in both Diabolical Box and Unwound Future that she has a strong fear of being alone, and Unwound Future in particular gives the impression that she has separation anxiety when she's away from Layton for too long. This is understandable, as he is the only parental figure she has had for many years, and when he goes away without her she worries that he might not come back. Her relationship with Luke is mostly good-natured; they have a great time together at the fair in Dropstone during Diabolical Box, and he is very angry on both occasions when she gets kidnapped. The scenes in which they rescue her in Unwound Future make it very clear that they love her as much as she loves them. Flora is also assumed/presumed to be Layton's adopted daughter, though that was never verbally said nor visually suggested in the game, she travels with the Professor, just like Luke, her adoption is not definite, but it is probable. She might have been adopted between games, nobody knows as a definite.

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