Floralians are a flower-infused variant of fairy.  They appear in Kirby Triple Deluxe, reside in Floralia (An asteroid system with a Popstar-esque ecosystem hovering above Popstar), and are all female.  Their personalities are unknown, but these characters are kind-hearted.  Their head is based off a flower and the body has detached hands similar to Andross from Star Fox but connected to the head is a body that resembles a grass skirt surrounding a small fleshy ball the size of your hand.

The People Of The Sky

This coalition comprises the Floralians's ruling caste.  They are based off different flowers.

  • The pink one takes her design from your typical flower, and she has a rose zicron gem.  Her face appears as a collectible sticker in Kirby: Planet Robobot., where she is portrayed laughing.
  • The purple one's floral hair covers her eyes, and she has an athemyst gem and a bud on top of her head.
  • The blue one takes her design from a violet, and she has a green band in her hair.  She has a blue sapphire gem.
  • The yellow one takes her design from a sunflower.  She has a golden gem.
  • The red one takes her design from a rose.  She has a bud on top of her head and a red ruby for a gem.  Her hair covers her left eye.
  • The white one takes her design from a lily.  She has small sprouts in the centre of her hair, and her gem is made out of a white pearl.  Multiple buds sit on her head.


The Floralians were happy until their Queen, Sectonia, betrayed them and attempted to take over their home so she can be the new ruler.  They dropped a seed in their last ditch attempt to save themselves.  Kirby heeded their call and, using the beanstalk that sprouted from the seed's impact with the planet, left his home to go to the orbiting Floralia in an attempt to save them, but Taranza kidnapped King Dedede (Although that was a good thing since King Dedede assisted his former rival.)  Kirby and his friends saved Floralia and inhabitants, defeated Queen Sectonia, and became friends with the Floralians.  Due to their remote location, the Floralians missed out in Kirby Planet Robobot, but did make a cameo as a sticker where the pink Floralian leader is shown laughing, though it is just her face and the body (hands included) is missing.


  • The race itself is sometimes called "People of the Sky" even in English. However, it is official in certain romance languages.

Names In Other Languages

  • Spanish: Las Personas del Cielo
  • Portuguese: As Pessoas Do Céu

Both meaning "People of the Sky"

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