Flowerbell is a supporting character in The Smurfs. She is a woodnymph who appears in the episode "Papa's Wedding Day" in which she was a prisoner of Lord Balthazar, who was ordered by the evil warlock to capture Papa Smurf in exchange for her freedom. She later redeemed herself when she felt guilty for his capture, and revealed that she actually cared about his safety and recused him from Balthazar's clutches.

She is voiced by Mona Marshall.


Flowerbell has lavender skin and long, purple tied into an elegant updo by a pink hairband. She has two small antennae on her head and large, dragonfly-like wings that allow her to fly.

She wears a long, pink dress with a tutu-like skirt and pink ballet flats.


Being a woodnymph, Flowerbell was initially flirty, but also mischievous and self-centered. Her love for Papa Smurf was not originally genuine, and she only cared about earning her freedom.

After Lord Balthazar captured Papa Smurf, Flowerbell started to become more caring and sympathetic. She later started to develop a genuine crush on Papa Smurf after the latter risked his life to save her's.


Flowerbell was originally a prisoner of Lord Balthazar as part of a plot to capture all the woodland creatures in an attempt to exploit their powers tome himself more powerful. Flowerbell begged for her freedom, and despite his reluctance, Balthazar agreed, one one condition: that she bring him the wisest Smurf to him, and ordered his pet Raven to keep an eye on her to make sure she was doing his bidding.

Flowerbell eventually flew to the outskirts of the Smurf's village, where she proceeded to feign an injury on her wing to grab one of the Smurfs' attention. Papa Smurf was the first to respond, and toothier back to the village to keep her safe as she "healed".

While living in the village, Flowerbell befriended Smurfette and made numerous attempts to get Papa Smurf to fall in love with her by intentionally falling into a river so that he could rescue her. Being grateful to his heroism, Flowerbell kissed Papa Smurf, eventually causing the two to begin dating and eventually agree to get married.

At the same time, Papa Smurf began dismissing the other Smurf's problems, telling them to figure out how to fix the problems themselves, causing the other Smurfs to become frustrated that Papa Smurf was spending to much time with Flowerbell that he was not paying attention to their needs. They attempted to postpone the wedding by intentionally ruining it, but this backfired.

Eventually, Flowerbell led Papa Smurf to the Great Oak, where Lord Balthazar had set up trap in the disguise of a giant wedding cake. While Papa Smurf pondered how he thought Greedy Smurf could've gotten a large cake to the Great Oak so quickly, Balthazar appeared from inside the cake and attempted to capture Papa Smurf unsuccessfully at first. However when Raven grabbed Flowerbell, Papa Smurf managed to rescue her from the evil bird's clutches, only for him to be captured in the process. Balthazar, now glad that he finally captured Papa Smurf, revealed that Flowerbell was working with him all along and that Flowerbell's intention to marry him was all a ploy to get him captured, causing Papa Smurf to fell betrayed as he is taken away.

Feeling ashamed for getting Papa Smurf captured, Flowerbell apologized to the other smurfs and convinced them that they needed to rescue Papa Smurf from Lord Balthazar, stating that she did in fact truly cared about him.

Flowerbell and the other smurfs infiltrate Lord Balthazar's castle right as he plans to use Papa Smurf in his experiments, distracting him and Raven long enough for Flowerbell to free Papa Smurf, alongside all the other animals Balthazar had previously captured.

Upon returning to the outskirts of the village, Flowerbell makes amends with Papa Smurf for her actions, she then flew off, telling Papa Smurf she hopes he will find it into his heart to forgive her for her misdeeds and see her again.


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