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A number of assorted flowers lives in Wonderland. They are met by Alice in the garden.


The flowers met in the garden are a tiger lily, a rose, some daisies, a violet, and a larkspur. They mistake Alice as a type of flower who can move. The flowers all get mad when Alice asks if they are frightened and later saying to pull their tongues out.

Other media

1951 Disney film

The flowers are met by Alice before the Caterpillar in Walt Disney's animated film. They all sing a song: "All in the Golden Afternoon" together. After the song, they want Alice to stay there. They call her a weed and the flowers angrily chase her down.

2010 Tim Burton film

Flowers (Wonderland) .jpg

The flowers make a brief scene appearance. One of them is played by Imelda Staunton. They also complain about Alice, like in the book.