Flynn McAllister is the blue ranger as well as the hero in Power Rangers RPM and is second-in-command to Scott Truman.


While Flynn was a mechanic by trade, a skill taught to him by his father, Flynn expressed a strong desire to help others like the superheroes in the comic books he frequently read as a child. However, more often than not, it would get him in trouble. His father didn't approve of his son's wish to save people, who believed and insisted there was no such thing as superheroes. Despite this Flynn remained true to what he believed and what he knew he wanted to do; help people. After graduating high school, he finally got that chance to do what he always wished to. Not realizing the full responsibilities that came along with such line of work, his passion for helping others tended to get in the way as he usually overdid his jobs (ex. arresting the mayor's son, spraying a burning building to the point of unnecessary water damage, and then wanting to go back into the said building to save the plants) and was subsequently fired from all of them.

Battle of Corinth

As soon as Venjix attacked, both he and his father fled to Corinth, but Flynn, seeing that there were still many people who had yet to make it into the domed city, went back outside to save a busload of people. With his skills, he eventually made it unharmed back to Corinth. His actions finally impressed his father, whom now wholeheartedly supports and is proud of his son.

Becoming the Blue Ranger

Flynn's dream of becoming a true superhero finally came true when he was selected to become Ranger Series Operator Blue.

Dillon and Ziggy's arrival resulted in feelings of distrust from Flynn, due to the nature of Dillon's mechanical upgrades, but Flynn was still less antagonistic than Scott over the matter, willing to allow Dillon on-board if the group consensus felt it was best. Ziggy joining the team produced quite a bit more incredulity in him, however. Despite any initial feelings of doubt, he seems to have since fully embraced the two as official members of the team.

Later when all the Zords are trashed, he and Gemma create the Road Attack Zord.

After his tenure as a Ranger is done and Venjix is destroyed, he opens up a shop with his dad, and says that they are going to create new computer networks for the Corinth.


Speaking with a Scottish accent, Flynn is generally laid-back in personality, and is a fairly agreeable person. As a mechanic, he often spends time working on his personal vehicle, a Hummer H1, and is proficient at making smoothies, which seem to be a hobby for him. He uses his general knowledge of machinery and appliances to help out with analyzing Ranger tech and, even once rivaling Dr. K's understanding of the Ranger technology, as well as creating an entirely new Zord with Gemma's assistance. He also appears to be very skillful at driving and handling heavy-duty vehicles, as evidenced by his bus driving skills, his truck, and his big-rig inspired Zord.


Ranger Operators Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Black uses the Nitro Blasters to shoot Grinders. Flynn uses The Turbo Cannon is Ranger Operators Series Blue's unique weapon. It combines with the Street Saber to form the Road Blaster, which uses the Zip Charger as its projectile. It combines with Street Saber and Zip Charger into Road Blaster.



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