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I'm hit! Mayday! Mayday! Airfoil structures have been shot to hell! I can't hold her! I can't hold her!
~ Foe Hammer's final words

Carol Rawley, better known as Foe Hammer, is an unseen supporting protagonist in Halo CE: Combat Evolved. She was one of the best of the Pillar of Autumn's crew, piloting the Pelican Echo-419, and bringing support and transportation to the heroes when needed. As a member of the UNSC Navy, she piloted Echo-419 to drop marines onto landing zones calm and violent alike, as well as delivering ordinance and rescue operations. Her death in the final mission of the game was mourned, and was a great loss to the UNSC.

Foe Hammer remained unseen for the entirety of Halo CE, but her presence was made obvious and useful by her iconic voice and her aircraft.


Foe Hammer took her job seriously, and was always brave enough to handle any situation. Even in her death, fear was never expressed in her voice. Despite the extremity of some of her operations, she was known to be composed enough to not be too serious, and instead was quite amiable yet focused simultaneously. Her personality, bravery, and composure to handle her Pelican swiftly even under immense pressure of responsibility and threat level made her one of the most well-respected agents of the UNSC Navy and the Pillar of Autumn crew. It has been revealed that since her death, even John-117, marines, and officers alike would never forget her.


Foe Hammer plays an important role in Halo Combat Evolved. She managed to survive the Flood outbreak by staying airborne and assisted the UNSC in finding a way to eradicate the Flood while making sure that the Covenant doesn't follow through with its "Great Journey" to rather exterminate all life forms. After escaping from the Pillar of Autumn after it was boarded by Covenant Elites and Grunts, she descended onto Installation 4 alongside other pilots of the UNSC. There, she helped Master Chief and Cortana rescue Marines, and commonly assisted by dropping ordinance. She would also transport them to their destinations, such as when she transported Master Chief to a beach area reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest. There, Master Chief and Cortana searched for and gained access to the Silent Cartographer, in order to access the map to all of the Halo Installations.

Shortly after, Captain Keyes was captured by the Covenant, and Foe Hammer took them to get to the ship he was being held captive on, the Truth and Reconciliation. They failed to rescue him, and he was turned into the Flood's Proto-Gravemind, a zombie messianic entity that they wanted to ensure the survival of. Master Chief was forced to kill Captain Keyes, who was no longer human and was just a coccoon. Foe Hammer later tried to rescue Master Chief from the invasion of Flood during the final level, but her ship was damaged beyond repair after being attacked by two Covenant Banshees. Foe Hammer was killed in action, and her supporting role in their campaign was not forgotten. Many members of the UNSC including Master Chief was saddened by her death.


While Foe Hammer is completely absent from the original Halo CE, in Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary on the Master Chief Collection for Xbox One and PC, a dummy character model is used for Foe Hammer. However, it is impossible to view unless you use mods on PC to enter developer mode. Since it is merely a dummy character model, this is not Foe Hammer's canon appearance, as the developers likely gave her a dummy model because you're not supposed to be able to see her. In classic mode and on the original Xbox version, no character model for Foe Hammer exists. Her character model on the Anniversary graphics is actually a duplicate for an unnamed Bumblebee pilot, and possibly others.

Many players speculate that Foe Hammer is African American due to her also being voiced by an African American.


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