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Fred Hoyle, an astronomer, once said "It is wrong to assume, even statistically speaking, that organisms spontaneously appeared on this Earth... There is a preexisting intellect of the cosmos that designed the origins of lifeforms..."... so, it can be said that intellect preceded even the big bang and that every organism and matter itself is guided by that intellect, and is part of that larger intelligence.
~ Foo Fighters
Look at me Jolyne. This is my 'spirit'... This is my 'intellect'... I was alive…
~ Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters (More commonly referred to as F. F.) is a major ally featured in Stone Ocean. They are a colony of plankton organized, maintained by, and essentially equivalent to their stand which is also named Foo Fighters.

She was voiced by Ryōko Shiraishi in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven and will be voiced by Mariya Ise in the anime in Japanese and Brittany Lauda in English.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure : Stone Ocean

F. F was born when Enrico Pucci threw a stand disk into the water, allowing a nearby colony of plankton to gain a stand which in turn resulted in the creation of Foo Fighters. The colony was later tasked with guarding the disks by Pucci, a task they agreed to for unknown reasons.

They were later defeated by Jolyne and Ermes in an attempt to recover Jotaro’s stand disk. Despite Ermes’ protests, Jolyne still decides to spare F. F who in return gives them the stand disk they were looking for. The colony later uses a dead body as a disguise in order to be in the prison and assist Jolyne.

During free time in the courtyard, F. F was learning how to play catch with her friends. They were soon challenged by another prisoner to perform 100 throws and catches for 200 dollars. After succeeding, that same prisoner gave the same challenge for 1000 dollars, intriguing Ermes who took the challenge with F. F. Due to interference from a guard, Ermes loses the challenge and the prisoner who gave the challenge reveals that she is a stand user. Ermes ends up losing money, a gold tooth, and her liver, forcing Jolyne and F. F to take another challenge while chasing the enemy stand user until she was defeated and had returned what was taken.

While they were with Jolyne, F.F decides to share Ermes’ backstory through information she received. After Ermes’ fight against Sports Maxx, F. F heals her and Jolyne due to the injuries the two suffered. Some time after that, F. F enlists the help of a male prisoner named Narciso Anasui to help Jolyne fight off several assassins. F. F themselves were attacked by a feng shui master named Kenzou and was able to last long enough for Anasui to finish off Kenzou.

F. F, Anasui, and Jolyne later went to a swamp where the group encountered The Green Baby. Unfortunately, said baby was swallowed by an indestructible stand, forcing F. F to go hunt down its user. While they were alone, a part of their face was melted off by the enemy stand’s acid saliva. They were able to survive this due to their regenerative ability and eventually they were able to kill the enemy stand user.

They later regroup with their friends, only to accidentally lead the group to an ambush. F. F suffered a particularly damaging hit and was unable to regenerate due to a lack of water. Near death, they were helped by Anasui and the two were able to finally take Jotaro’s memory disk. F. F used their last moments to heal Anasui’s wounds and thanks Jolyne for being their friend. F. F declined having their disk retrieved as that would result in a different individual taking their place before finally dying.


Foo Fighters can change their appearance at any time. However in order to help out Jolyne’s group, they take on the form of a dead prisoner named Atroe. In that form, they are a woman of average height and slim build with flat green hair or a cap forming a serrated edge at its ends. As a stand, they are a tall humanoid with dark colored skin and robotic features.

Powers and Abilities

F.F. Stats.png
Foo Fighters! If you're going to refer to me, call me by that name!
~ Foo Fighters to Jolyne.

Foo Fighters is a unique fusion of both a plankton colony and Stand. It is able in close combat and possesses a lot of abilities. At a physical level, Foo Fighters is more than a match for the power type Stone Free. Foo Fighters can also produce sub-bodies by splitting the colony into multiple parts. This allows the stand to fight multiple opponents with relative ease.

That said, Foo Fighters is extremely vulnerable to dehydration, as it is very dependent on a constant water supply to keep the colony in water and breaks down the moment it is dehydrated.


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