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I am a soldier, not a killer.
~ Forsythe

Forsythe is the leader of the Lazurian Army and a major character in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.


20 years prior to the meteor strike, Forsythe was a general in the Lazurian Army who fought and repelled an attack on Rubinelle force led by Brenner's father, earning him the nickname the "Hero of the Darrett".

Forsythe regarded the father of Brenner as an honorable man, and the two even agreed to a one-day armistice to bury their men. Following the meteor strike, the Rubinelle military was gathered together and reorganized under Admiral Greyfield to form the New Rubinelle Army and reignite the war with Lazuria.

In response, Forsythe was called out of retirement to lead the Lazurian Army once again. Forsythe made a deal with Caulder to buy weapons fromIDS to give the Lazurian Army an advantage over the New Rubinelle Army, though he refused to buy any of Caulder's more destructive weapons.

Despite this, the Lazurian Army was later defeated by the New Rubinelle Army and the 12th Battalion of the Rubinelle military. After being captured, Forsythe took full responsibility for the war and attempted to negotiate the release of his captured soldiers.

Instead, Greyfield kept the Lazurian soldiers incarcerated and had Waylon execute Forsythe. However, this proved to be the impetus to cause the 12th Battalion to turn against the New Rubinelle Army and free the Lazurian prisoners.


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