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Forte is a character from Rage of Bahamut who was later ported over to its sister game, Dragalia Lost. In the latter case, she is a minor protagonist, although in she is brainwashed by black mana in her adventurer story, where she serves as the main antagonist.


In Dragalia Lost, Forte has dark reddish brown hair and red eyes. she wears charcoal colored armor.


Rage of Bahamut

It's unbelievable how many girls spend their days idly dreaming of love! Don't they have anything better to do?

It's a rare man who can weild a sword to save his skin. Most are all flash and no substance. I can tell you how they fare in duels with me!

You're not the type to pack a white flag when you march off to battle. If only there were more real warriors like you, ones who are worthy to battle me.

I'm not quick to give praise, but my admiration is yours. Take it quick, before I change my mind!

Dragalia Lost

A warrior known as the Lord of the Skies. She believes there is no greater honor than achieving victory against a strong warrior, and travels the land atop her compatriot, the spellwyrm, seeking such powerful foes.


Rage of Bahamut

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Dragalia Lost

Adventurer Story

While taking part in a tournament, Forte faces a fellow warrior named Lea. The two do battle to a powerful degree, but in the end, Forte emerges victorious. Lea congratulates Forte on her victory while also feeling a bit ashamed over the loss. In response, Forte tells Lea not to let shame consume her. She then asks Lea if she knows anything about Euden and how she wishes to see if Euden has what it takes to defeat her in combat.

Seeing honest goodness in her words, Lea tells Forte the location of the Halidom. On the way though, Forte and her Spellwyrm are attacked by a mysterious boy who seeks to corrupt Spellwyrm with black mana. In an effort to protect her friend, Forte takes the mana in while telling Spellwyrm to fly away. The resulting intake of black mana causes Forte to forget herself and develop a desire to prove her strength by killing anybody powerful.

She then heads to the Halidom and mercilessly attacks Euden. When Lea arrives, she notices how uncharacteristically heartless Forte is acting, and after discussion, the party realizes something must have happened to her. During Forte's carnage, they notice the black mana emitting from her and realize that to be the source of her insanity.

In an effort to deplete the black mana, the party work on wearing her down until eventually trapping her in a barrier. However, as they work, Dyrenell imperials show up with intent on killing Euden. During the attack though, Forte manages to break free from the black mana's control and helps the party defeat the attacking Dyrenell forces.

However, Forte feels ashamed of what she had been doing and is prepared to leave without engaging Euden in her fight. However, Lea encourages her to stay to show everybody in the Halidom her true strength. With this encouragement, Forte approaches Euden who agrees not to hold back.

With the following fight tuckering them both out, Forte leaves the Halidom with the promise of coming again to see how much everybody has grown, all the while continuing to look for somebody with the power to best her in battle.


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