Four Murasame ( フォウ・ムラサメ Fō Murasame ) is one of the main characters of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. Four is a artificial Newtype which called "Cyber-Newtype", and also a pilot of black gigantic Gundam named Psyco-Gundam who falls in love with Kamille Bidan.


Four is very unstable and has fits of insanity that drives her to kill everyone with the Psyco Gundam. Beside this, Four actually a kind girl, who wanted to get her memories back and become a full-fledged normal person than become a killer machine. Even she realized that she become a "different person" when piloting Psyco Gundam without any memories. After meeting with Kamille, they are become a lover and always wanted to with him. At the end, she decide to go with Kamille before she unable to forced against him due her brainwashed by the Titans, and ultimately sacrificed herself to protect him from Jerid Messa attack, and die on his arm.


Six years after the conclusion of the One Year War(UC0086-0087). A girl who lost not only her parents, but her own memory by a colony dropping thanks to the Principality of Zeon, is recruited into a Newtype Research Institute (the Murasame Labs). After aimlessly wandering, she becomes test subject No. 004 (aka “Four”). Here she is trained to become a strengthened human with two other subjects (No. 005 Jill Ratokie and No. 006 Amari Garfield). The intense training killed many people, and yet through it all Four and Jill comfort each other. On the other side of the spectrum, at the Augusta Laboratory, Dr. Murasame learns of their plans to create another artificial newtype: Rosamia Badam. Murasame studies Rosamia’s memory. It appears that the fear of a colony dropping amplified the Newtype potential. In order to do this, Amari and Jill would be used. However, in a cruel twist of fate, Dr. Murasame ever achieves his expectations because the three people (Jill, Amari, and Four.) escape from the research institute.


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