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Fox is a major protagonist in the second and third season of Final Space.

He is voiced by Ron Funches, who also played Cooper from Trolls.



When Fox was young, he was a peaceful trivulian who wanted to chare music to his people during the Ventraxian war, however, due to the trivulians not alowing Fox to be a peaceful person, they cutted his arm off and replaced it with a gun.

Sometime before meeting Ash, Clarence adopted him.

During a stop to fix the ship, they find Ash in Serepentis and Clarance adopts her after seeing her use her powers.

Final Space

He first meets Gary and H.U.E when they try to escape from a deal with Clarence, threatning them with his machine gun. After they make a deal with Clarence, Fox goes with them with Ash and his father to win the Toro Regata, during this, Fox insults Little Cato due to him being a ventraxian before being protected by Ash because she liked him, after wining the Toro Regata and seeing Bolo, he with Clarence and Ash join the team squad in a mission to rescue Quinn and save the universe.

When he learned Clarance betrayed the Team Squad and tried to steal the dimensional keys so he could date Sheryl, Fox tries to stop him before hesitating due to him being his adoptive father, causing Clarance to use it as an advantage and knocking him out and nearly killing him with a taser before being saved by K.V.N.

After they get the dimensional keys from Todd H. Watson and arrest Sheryl, Fox with H.U.E and Tribore help redeem her so she could help defeat Invitus, Fox also helps in the fight against it and the Team Squad.

During the Team Squad's adventure in Final Space, Fox with most of the crew are kidnapped by the Lord Commander, where he brings them to Invictus, Fox is posesed and killed by Invictus, who uses his body to make it look like Gary killed him in front of Ash, which would be a major reason to why Ash would later become a villain.


Fox exhibits many traits associated with those in the bipolar and autism spectrums. He frequently acts like a child, cries at the drop of a hat, exhibits frequent and unexpected mood swings, has a huge temper, and admitted that he is traumatized by something he is running from. Despite this trait bough, Fox is a decent person underneath. He does try to bond with Gary and Little Cato though, as well the first to realize that Mooncake is trying to eat away his depression and tries to help him emotionally.


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