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Foxxy Cleopatra is the leading female in Austin Powers: In Goldmember. She is an love interest of Austin Powers and joins him on his mission so she can seek revenge on Goldmember for killing her partner.

She was portrayed by Beyonce' Knowles.


Foxxy used to be an employee of Goldmember until she learned that the latter killed her partner. She decided tag along with Austin in order to help defeat Goldmember once and for all. It is implied that she and Austin had a romantic getaway before his cryo-freezing in 1967 as she berated him for standing her up for 8 years and then stating, "Mama only got a taste of honey, but she wanted the whole beehive." Foxxy had been working undercover to hinder Goldmember's goals and to avenge her partner's death. She followed Austin to the future to continue the conflict with Dr. Evil and Goldmember. Throughout the film, the two developed their love for each other and became a couple at the end of the film, sharing a kiss. She was born in the early to mid 1950s.


  • Foxxy is largely based on several "Blaxploitation" characters, such as Foxxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones.
  • Even though it is heavily implied that she and Austin had sex with each other in the past, Foxxy is the only woman Austin has been romantically / sexually involved with in the films who is not seen on camera having sex with Austin. He has been seen making love to Vanessa, Alotta, Ivana (though that encounter ended unsatisfactorily due to the theft of Austin's mojo), and Felicity (through Past Austin).


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