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You! You did this to me! You don't deserve to be my sister's slave, let alone her lord! Now pay for what you have done!
~ Francesco to Dante.

Francesco is Beatrice's younger brother that was sent to Hell and a major character from the videogame Dante's Inferno. He is also the penultimate boss Dante encounters.

He was voiced by Tom Tate.


Francesco is not evil like Alighiero or cruel like Minos, but he was still a part of the Third Crusade along with Dante, meaning he was responsible for several atrocities and gruesome deaths. Nevertheless, he took the blame and died in his brother's place while Dante raised no objections, merely making the promise that he'd protect Beatrice. Now a monster sentenced to the circle of Violence, Francesco is understandably angered with his former comradee about his situation.




  • He is similar to Deimos from God of War: Ghost of Sparta:
    • Both are siblings.
    • Both want revenge on someone (Kratos and Dante), but forgive them.
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