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Francine Alice Frensky is the main protagonist in the television and book series Arthur. she's a daughter of Oliver Frensky and Laverne Frensky, and the sister of Catherine Frensky. She is an athletic girl in Mr. Ratburn's third grade class at Lakewood Elementary School.


Francine is an anthropomorphic monkey with a brown complexion. She has short brown hair with a bobcut hairstyle, which she puts barrettes on to pin it up (her clips are red in the books, but yellow in the cartoon show).

She is typically seen wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, red and white sneakers, white socks and doesn't wear any shirt underneath like some of her friends.

Her sleepwear is a cream-colored pajama top with a big light green #1 on the front and light green pajama pants with stripes.

Her swimwear is a yellow maillot. In the summertime, she often wears a yellow T-shirt with a red stripe in the middle and on the sleeves and a pair of red shorts. Her formal clothes consist of a pink collar blouse, gray pants and white shoes.

In later seasons, her formal clothes are changed to a white blouse, a black necklace, red pants and black shoes. In Season 1, she originally wears a pink T-shirt, blue overall shorts, pink socks and brown shoes.

Her basketball uniform consists of an orange T-shirt and yellow shorts, which both have reddish-orange accents, and she has a yellow #5 on the back of the shirt. Her baseball uniform consists of a yellow baseball cap and a yellow T-shirt with the orange #6 on the back, and the LW logo is sometimes shown on the front, and sometimes the front is blank.

Her football uniform consists of a very large white shirt with a black #11 on the front and a red football helmet with a black stripe and white face mask.

During cool weather outside of winter, she wears a black button-up #5 jacket with white sleeves and the #5 on the left front end and on the rear.

During the wintertime, she wears a white stocking cap with a fluffy red ball on top, an orange winter coat, a blue and white striped scarf, white mittens and brown boots.

She also has a pair of Dame Edna-style movie star glasses that are pink in the books, but green in the cartoon show; although they do not have any glass in the frames.

She wore these glasses on occasions in the books: Arthur's Eyes and Arthur's Teacher Trouble; and in the episodes "Arthur's Eyes," "Arthur's Spelling Trubble," and "Sick as a Dog." She hasn't worn those glasses again after Arthur's Teacher Trouble and after the cartoon show's first season.

She originally had completely flat hair down her cheeks in her first appearance in Arthur's Nose, even though Arthur's Eyes and all later books and adaptations have changed her hairstyle into a flip.

She also originally wore dresses in the earliest Arthur books. In Arthur's Valentine and all later books and adaptations, she mostly wore masculine clothes and only wore dresses for extra special occasions like for Picture Day in “Francine's Bad Hair Day” and for her older cousin, Seth’s Bar Mitzvah in Francine’s Split Decision. Her hair was originally a light brown tone, but became darkened to a medium tone in Arthur's Teacher Trouble and all later books and adaptations.


Francine is a loyal, kind, athletic girl. She is also an excellent singer. Francine also likes sports including soccer, football, kickball, bowling, and baseball.


Francine has a father named Oliver Frensky, a mother named Laverne Frensky, and a sister named Catherine Frensky.


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